10 Ways Instagram Is Bad For Relationships

10 Ways Instagram Is Bad For Relationships (1)

Are you on Instagram? Most people are nowadays. It’s a fun photo and video-based platform that encourages users to scroll for hours. There are fun people to follow and cool videos to watch in pretty much every genre. Instagram keeps friends and family members connected on the platform. You can update people on just about … Read more

10 Reasons to Leave a “Good” Relationship

10 Reasons to Leave a "Good" Relationship

If you find yourself wanting more from your “good” relationship, you aren’t alone. I get asked questions like “Is it okay to leave a good relationship?” and “Why do I want to leave my good relationship?” quite frequently. Just because a relationship is good, or without big issues, doesn’t mean that it’s the right one … Read more

5 Reasons Relationships Change Over Time

50 things to offer in a relationship

Have you noticed that your relationships, or other relationships around you, seem to change over time? Some change for the better and seem to always get better and better. While some change for the worse, dwindle down to nothing, and then fall apart. People often ask “why do relationships change over time?“. This is a … Read more

7 Reasons to Take It Slow When Dating

7 Reasons to take it slow when you start dating

Have you found yourself diving into new relationships a little too fast? You met someone new and they seemed perfect! However, in the long run, you found out that they weren’t right for you. You probably could have saved yourself some time and heartache if you’d taken things more slowly, to begin with. A lot … Read more