Likes on Tinder: What You Need to Know

What is a like on Tinder? How many likes should I be getting? What’s the difference between a match and a like? 

There are a lot of questions surrounding likes on the Tinder dating app. You’ve come to the right place for the answers you’ve been looking for. From determining what likes are vs matches and how you can see who liked you, this article will help you learn everything you need to know about likes on Tinder. 

What Are Tinder Likes?

Likes on Tinder are the equivalent of swiping right on someone’s profile. In order to like someone on Tinder, you either right-swipe on their profile or you can click the green heart icon below their picture for the same effect. 

the Like button on Tinder

What Happens When You Like Someone on Tinder?

When you like, or right swipe, someone on Tinder, they aren’t notified unless they either match with you or are paying to see who likes their profile. 

The other person would need to have a Platinum or Gold subscription in order to see who has been liking their profile. Otherwise, if they have liked you or like you in the future, you’ll show up as a match. 

Are Tinder Likes Real?

We’ve seen a lot of questions surrounding the validity of likes on the dating app. Are they there just to entice you to use the app more? Or to pay to find out who liked you?

While there are suspicions about the validity of the number of likes people get on the app, we haven’t seen anyone prove that they aren’t real. You can upgrade your account to see who has liked you and verify them that way. 

What are “Super Likes” on Tinder?

A “Super Like” helps you stand out to your favorite potential matches on the Tinder app. When you press the blue star button under their profile, that sends a Super Like. 

the Super Like button on Tinder

When you show up in the user’s cardstack, they will see a blue border around your profile letting them know that you have shown extra interest in them. 

Are Super Likes Worth It? 

Super Likes definitely help you stand out to other users, but are they worth it? Statistics say they are. According to Tinder “members are three times more likely to match with someone they Super Like and conversations initiated by a Super Like last 70% longer.”

Is it Creepy to Super Like Someone’s Profile?

Super Liking someone’s profile can feel like you’re putting yourself out there a bit more than when you simply like their profile. You might be wondering if they’ll think you’re creepy or coming on too strongly. 

However, in researching this question, I found that no one is creeped out by this. Even if they aren’t interested in the person, it’s a compliment that they don’t have to accept. Some men have said that they feel it’s the only way to get a woman to notice them on the site because guys tend to have a lot of competition. 

So, feel free to “Super Like” away! It’s not creepy and it can definitely help you catch someone’s eye. 

How Many Super Likes Do You Get?

Super Likes on Tinder aren’t free. You have to buy them individually or sign up for the gold or platinum subscription to get this upgrade. 

With either of these upgrades, you get 5 super likes per week. They expire if you don’t use them so you’ll need to spend them each week. 

What’s the Difference Between Likes and Matches on Tinder?

There has been some confusion on the difference between likes and matches on Tinder. So, let’s talk about how those work. 

Basically, you have to both like each other on Tinder to match. If you like someone and they never come across your profile and like you back, you won’t match. And if they like you and you don’t like them back, you won’t match. 

You both have to show interest before the system will match you up. This is the beauty of Tinder. You don’t talk to someone unless you’ve both swiped right and decided that you’d potentially like to get to know each other. 

Likes vs Matches on Tinder

You can like anyone on the app that comes up in your cardstack. But you won’t be able to contact any of them unless you’re a match. 

A match on Tinder means that you’ve both liked, or swiped right, on each other’s profiles. Once you both like each other, you’ll see that you have a match. From there, either one of you can start a conversation with the other and potentially go out on a date. 

Learn how to get more likes and matches on Tinder here.

How to See Who Liked You on Tinder Without Tinder Gold?

There isn’t really a way to see who liked you without paying to see them. However, if someone has “Super Liked” you, they will show up with a blue border around their profile. You’ll know that they liked you before you swipe left or right. 

Another way to tell if someone has liked you is that if you like them back, you’ll be a match. Other than that, there’s really no way to tell. 

There used to be a hack where you could open the blurred photo of the person who liked you in a new window, change some code within the inspect option on the picture, and then you’d see the clear photo. However, people say this no longer works. So, you have to pay to see your matches now. 

How to See Who Likes You With Tinder Gold

Since the only surefire way to be able to see who likes you is with a Gold subscription, let’s take a look at how that works. 

What is the “Likes You” Feature on Tinder?

With the Gold or Platinum paid subscriptions on Tinder, you get access to the “Likes You” feature. This feature lets you see who liked your profile before you swipe left or right. 

It allows you to access all of your likes. From there, you can go through the people who already liked you and swipe left or right on them. If you like them too, it’s a guaranteed match. 

What Does the Black Heart on Tinder Mean?

If you have the Tinder Platinum paid subscription, you might see a black heart under some profiles. This means that the person you’re viewing has already liked, or swiped right, on your profile. If you like them back, you’ll be an instant match with them. 

What Does a Yellow or Gold Heart on Tinder Mean?

A yellow, or gold depending on how it shows on your screen, heart next to someone’s name means that someone has liked you. You get access to this from the  “Likes You” feature that is accessible with the Gold or Platinum paid subscriptions. 

A common misconception is that the gold or yellow heart means that this person liked you with a paid subscription. However, this isn’t the case. It means that you have access to the “Likes You” feature and can see who has liked you. 

How Many Likes Can You Expect on Tinder?

There are a lot of people wondering how many likes they can expect from their Tinder profile. This is a hard question to answer as it depends on how good their profile is, what their bio line says, where they live, and their gender. But, from doing some digging, I was able to find some averages. 

How many Likes Guys Currently Have From Other People

Guys have a harder time getting likes on the app. There are more men than women users and the competition is fierce. A poll on Reddit asked men from ages 18-35 how many likes they had gotten on the app. Here were the results:

Average Tinder Likes for Guys

Of 495 votes…

  • 273 men had 0-14 likes
  • 47 men had 15-29 likes
  • 31 men had 30-44 likes
  • 17 men had 45-59 likes
  • 12 men had 60-74 likes
  • 115 men had 75+ likes
chart showing the average number of likes a man has on the Tinder dating app

We can tell from these numbers that a guys’ profile is either a hit, or a dud with not much in between. This can vary largely due to the quality of the profile, and location of the user.  

How Many Likes Girls Currently Have From Other People

The general consensus is that most women’s profiles will always show 99+ likes. Since there are more men on the app than women, they seem to get bombarded fairly quickly and can expect to see their profile display the cap of 99+ likes within the first day. 

On the backend, women can see how many people have liked them. This number maxes out at 9,999. Some women in busy areas meet this number quickly. 

How Many Likes Are You Allotted (For Liking Other People’s Profiles)

Tinder limits the amount of times you can right swipe, or like, other users within a 12-hour period. The amount of likes you are allotted depends on Tinder’s algorithm. 

The algorithm variables haven’t been published. However, there is some speculation on what factors get you more or less likes. 

It has been said that your gender, the amount of people who like you, where you live, and your own swiping tendencies (spamming) will determine how many likes you get to use every 12 hours. 

There seems to be a consensus that people are getting between 25-100 likes to use every 12 hours on the app. 

Likes on Tinder

There are many advantages and disadvantages to online dating. It can definitely be worth your while to figure out the ins and outs of the dating app you decide to use.

Some aspects of Tinder can seem confusing. However, the app is pretty straightforward to use once you know what everything means and how to work it. 

Getting likes on Tinder is important because it helps you match with other people. If people aren’t liking your profile, you won’t get any matches which means no potential dates. 

Hopefully this article has cleared up your questions about what likes on Tinder do and what some of the different icons mean. Good luck out there!

P.S. if you aren’t having luck online, you might try these ways to meet someone without using a dating site.

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