100 Ways to Meet Someone Without Online Dating – From Real Couples

We love online dating! There are many benefits to meeting someone online. However, there are a lot of disadvantages to finding someone on a dating app. Some people have had bad luck with online dating and don’t want to deal with it anymore.

We get these questions A LOT:

“How do I find someone without dating apps?”

“How can I find a man without online dating?”

“Where are places that I can meet people that aren’t a dating app?”

“How can I meet women offline?”

Places To Meet People That Don’t Require Online Dating Apps

To help you out, we found out where real couples met that weren’t on online dating sites. We found that most people met organically at school, work, parties, and online activities that weren’t focused on dating. There were also a ton that DID meet online (just in case you were wondering). Hopefully, this list gives you some inspiration for where you can start looking for your special person.

The biggest takeaway from our research was that you can meet the love of your life anywhere! It doesn’t have to be somewhere special or unique. You can find true love in a bar, in a parking lot, or at a friend’s birthday party. Just keep your eyes and mind open to new possibilities.

how to meet people without online dating

100 Ways Real Couples Met Each Other

  1. While in high school
  2. At a coffee shop
  3. At a bar
  4. Where one of them worked
  5. Lived in the same apartment building
  6. At work
  7. At a dance club
  8. During a house party
  9. It was their sibling’s friend
  10. At a wedding
  11. While attending a concert
  12. While online gaming
  13. During kickball league
  14. In elementary school
  15. Set up by a friend
  16. At a library
  17. Line dancing
  18. At a costume party
  19. Playing in a marching band
  20. While traveling abroad
  21. An online forum
  22. At a Christmas party
  23. On a blind date
  24. Playing rugby
  25. Through DeviantArt
  26. Friend of an ex
  27. Playing Dungeons and Dragons
  28. At a truck stop
  29. Doing karate
  30. While volunteering
  31. At Comic-Con
  32. At a friend’s birthday party
  33. LAN gaming center
  34. On a film set
  35. In a smoking area
  36. At a baseball game
  37. During a golf tournament
  38. They were roommates
  39. At a Japanese fall festival
  40. Their best friend was dating the other’s sibling
  41. Wave Gothic Festival
  42. In a tattoo shop
  43. Grew up on the same street
  44. In a cave (during Caving Club)
  45. At a Doctor Who club
  46. On the bus
  47. At college/university
  48. They were lab partners
  49. On Twitter
  50. On World of Warcraft
  51. While attending summer school
  52. At band camp (seriously)
  53. At a music festival
  54. His boss set him up with his daughter
  55. In a hot tub
  56. A networking event
  57. On a train ride
  58. At the grocery store
  59. They lived by a family member
  60. In a Creed fan chatroom
  61. On a field trip
  62. While playing pool
  63. At the arcade
  64. At the beach
  65. They got into a car accident
  66. At an acting class
  67. Attending a soccer game
  68. In Theater Club
  69. In church choir
  70. On a plane
  71. At summer camp
  72. Performing in a play together
  73. During Oktoberfest
  74. His mom met her and told her to look him up
  75. While studying abroad
  76. Worked at different places in the mall
  77. In a support group
  78. He was her tutor
  79. While out at a restaurant
  80. On a cruise
  81. Playing lacrosse
  82. She was his nurse in the hospital
  83. In a parking lot
  84. At the lake
  85. While fishing
  86. He was her handyman
  87. At church
  88. At a cooking class
  89. During a cornhole tournament
  90. At a wine tasting
  91. While hiking
  92. In a parenting group
  93. At the veterinarian’s office
  94. While clothes shopping
  95. At a swimming pool
  96. During a game night at a brewery
  97. Playing bingo
  98. While camping
  99. While speed dating
  100. Chess Club

Tips For Meeting Someone Offline

We came across a lot of great tips while researching where real people have met their significant other. Here are some that you can use to help you find your special someone without having to use a dating app.

  • Join a club based on your hobbies. You might meet someone with the same interests as you.
  • Go to parties you’re invited to. A lot of people met their significant other at parties thrown by their friends.
  • Say yes to social invitations that get you out of your normal social circles. You never know when you’re going to meet someone.
  • If you see someone you’re interested in, take a chance and talk to them. Otherwise, you might miss out on a great opportunity to meet them.
  • You never know at what point you’ll meet the one you’re with forever. Don’t downplay relationships that start as early as elementary school.
  • Don’t let distance hold you back. Plenty of couples met online (not through dating apps) and while traveling and eventually ended up together.

Meeting Someone Offline FAQ

What is the alternative to online dating?

The alternative to dating online is to meet people in person. You can do this by looking within your social circles and getting out and doing new things.

Is online dating the only way to meet someone?

No, online dating is not the only way to meet someone. Dating sites have many benefits, but you don’t have to use them to find your person. There are plenty of ways to meet someone offline. Use the list above to get some ideas.

How can I meet singles naturally?

Yes, you can meet other singles naturally. Many people meet organically through different social events and friends. You don’t have to be actively searching for a date to meet other people.

How do you date if you hate online dating?

If you hate online dating, you can date the old-fashioned way. Talk to people you are interested in when you see them out and about. If the conversation goes well, you can ask them out in person.

Where do most couples meet?

We found that most of the couples who shared where they met, met through school, work, parties, and online activities that weren’t focused on dating.

How can I increase my chances of meeting someone offline?

The best way to increase your chances of meeting someone is to get out there and do new things. The more you’re out and about, the more chances you have to meet someone. Say yes to social invitations and keep an eye out for people who seem interesting.


Meeting someone offline can seem difficult. However, if you keep your eyes open and get out and about, you have a good chance of meeting someone organically. To give you some inspiration, we found 100 ways that real couples met each other offline. So, just know there is hope for you if you’re wanting to steer clear of dating apps. Good luck!

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