15 Top Tips to Get More Likes and Matches on Tinder

Many people get burned out on Tinder and other online dating apps. They spend time building their profile, swipe right on hundreds of profiles, and never get any quality matches. 

So, what’s the key to getting more likes and matches on Tinder? 

While there are many different things you can do to get more likes, some common practices have been identified. Let’s look at why you might not be getting as many likes and matches as you could be and what the best tips are for getting more people to swipe right on your profile. 

Getting More Likes on Tinder

The amount of likes you get on Tinder will vary due to many factors including your profile quality, your ability to stand out, the location you’re in, timing, and chance. Some things you can’t control. However, there are a few things you can do to get more right swipes on your profile. 

Why Am I Not Getting Any Likes on My Tinder Profile?

There are some common reasons that you may not be getting any likes and ending up with zero matches on the app. These reasons cause people to swipe left on your profile rather than liking you and giving you a chance to match.  

The biggest reason we see people not having success on Tinder is that they have a bad profile. This includes having low-quality photos, missing or poor “about me” information, and being unoriginal. 

Why is it Hard for Guys to Get Likes on Tinder? 

In our last article about Tinder likes, we also discovered that it’s harder for guys to get likes on the app than it is for girls. While many women find themselves maxing out their likes, guys struggle to get more than a handful of people liking their profile. 

Like most other dating sites, there seems to be a lot more male users on Tinder than females. This causes a lot more competition for guys. Some may not even be seen without using paid upgrades. 

This statistic shows that of all the Tinder users, 76% are male and only 24% are female. 

So, if you’re a guy and struggling with getting likes on Tinder, you aren’t alone. You’ll need to pay even closer attention to the tips below in order to get likes and matches. 

More Likes Equals More Matches

If you’re wondering where the likes are, you probably don’t have many matches either. The Tinder game is most certainly a numbers game. The number of likes you have is directly related to your match rate. 

This is because you have to like someone who also likes (has swiped right on your profile) you. If you’ve liked 1,000 profiles but only have 15 likes, then you only have 15 potential matches. 

You can see how important it is to get likes on this dating platform to make the time you spend worth your while. 

The Best Tips For Getting More Likes and Matches on Tinder

Since getting likes is so important on Tinder, let’s look at the things you can do to get better results on the app. You can use these tips when you’re creating a new Tinder account or you can use it to update your existing one that isn’t doing so well. 

1. Choose a Good Profile Picture

Your success on Tinder will greatly depend on the first impressions you make. In order to make a good impression on your potential matches, you need to use an attractive photo in your profile. 

Better photos are directly related to getting more likes and matches on the app. After all, users are mostly swiping based on whether or not they find people attractive from their photos. 

All the photos you attach should be recent, flattering, and of good quality. You can preview your profile to make sure you like what others will see when your profile card comes up in the stack. 

If you don’t like the photos you have, now is the time to take some new ones. Have a photographer or friend help you out if you are having trouble. Just make sure that the pictures you use show off your best qualities. 

2. Attach Multiple Photos

Tinder allows you to upload up to nine photos. So, use the spaces up!

The first photo you upload will be used as your main photo. This should be your best photo that you want people to see first. Save the others for attaching things like a group photo or a picture of your pup. 

You don’t have to use all nine spaces, but you should attach different images that show other users what you look like and show off your personality. 

*Bonus Tip

By turning on the “Smart Photos” option, the app will cycle through your photos to see which one gets the best results.

use smart photos to get more likes on Tinder

3. Use Your Likes

You only get so many likes to use in a 12-hour period. When using the free version of the app, the amount of free likes you get varies based on the Tinder algorithm. After 12 hours, your count resets. 

It’s important to use up these likes when you get them. The more people you like, the better chance you have of matching with someone who likes you back. 

However, you shouldn’t like everyone just to get a match. Make sure that you’re swiping left on people you aren’t interested in. After all, how much better is a low quality match compared to no match at all? 

By staying active on the app and using your likes, you’ll find more opportunities for matches. Just remember not to be spammy and only like the people you’re actually interested in. 

4. Use a Headline

Make sure that you use a good headline in your “About” section. There isn’t a designated spot for the headline to go, but the first line that you type in the box will be what shows up at the bottom of your photo. 

Make sure you write something that will help you stand out among the many users that your potential matches are swiping through. This is one of the only other things others will see right away other than your physical appearance.  

You can find some examples of good Tinder bio lines here

5. Write a Good About Me Description

The more you write in your “About” section, the better chance you’ll have at catching someone’s attention. They may feel a connection to you based on what you write. 

For example, if you include your hobbies and interests, they may swipe right because they share something in common with you. Not only can this increase the number of likes you get, it will help with the quality too. 

If you’re going to actually meet a match, you want to have a few common interests or have something that attracts you to them other than their looks. So, write a few things about yourself in that section that can help people relate to you. 

A few things to include could be your hobbies, interests, favorite things, dislikes, and facts about yourself. 

6. Answer the Lifestyle Questions

Answering the lifestyle questions will help potential matches find more things in common with you. Right now, the categories you can add to your dating profile include your zodiac sign, what pets you have, and if you’re a smoker. 

If others are interested in knowing these things about you, having the information there will help you find better matches. For example, if someone is looking for someone who also loves dogs, they can see that you have one on your profile. This is just another opportunity to find something to connect on. 

7. Add Your Job Info

You don’t have to put your place of work on your profile. However, you should at least include your job title or a description of what you do for a living. 

This is another opportunity to catch someone’s attention with a common interest or something that helps you stand out. For example, you might get a like from someone who is in the same industry as you and liked that you had that in common. 

Just being employed might be a plus for others who are interested in an actual relationship or someone to go out with. Sharing what you do can let them know that you do have employment and are eligible in that way. 

8. Connect Your Instagram

Tinder is one of the better dating apps when it comes to weeding out fake profiles. However, some do still make it through. The app allows you to connect your Instagram which is a great way to show others that you’re a real person. 

It also shows potential matches what kind of person you are and what things you like to do. This is a good way to share a bit about who you are. Unless you share a lot of private information, like where you work and things like that, on your Instagram account, it can be a good idea to attach it to your profile. 

9. Increase Your Distance Radius

The number of profiles of potential matches will depend on the location you’re searching in. If you are in a small town, you might not have a ton of options. 

When you feel like you’ve gone through just about everyone in your area, increase your distance preference and turn off the option to only show people in that range. This will help you find other people who might have been just out of the distance boundary before.  

change your distance preference for more likes on Tinder

10. Adjust Your Age Preference

By increasing the age range of who you’re looking for, you can increase your chances for likes and matches. If you’ve only given yourself a range of a few years, that’s going to limit your choices pretty severely, especially if you’re not in a big city. 

By adjusting the numbers by a few years, you can open the door to more possibilities. However, keep in mind that you do want to stay in a range that you’re actually comfortable with. Don’t increase the age distance too much just to get more options. 

adjust your age preference for more likes and matches on Tinder

11. Be Open-Minded

The more open-minded you are during your time on Tinder, the more possibilities you’ll find. If you automatically swipe left on people for small reasons, you might miss out on good matches. 

Take the time to look through multiple photos, read profiles, and see if you can find things in common with people. It’s important to keep your standards, but being too picky will keep you from matching with many people. 

If you’re on the fence about someone, sometimes it’s better to swipe right than to swipe left. If you end up matching, you can decide from there if you want to have a conversation with them. But, if you automatically swipe left, you won’t have a choice later on.   

12. Be Persistent and Consistent

Sometimes time is the key to being successful on Tinder. The number of people using the app can vary. You never know when the right person will show up on the app. Maybe the person for you is going to sign up next week. 

So, don’t give up after only a short time. Spend some time on the app consistently before you throw in the towel. The more time you spend and profiles you like, the better chances you’ll have at meeting someone. You’ll need to read these great first Tinder message examples in order to send successful messages once you do get a match.

13. Use a Paid Subscription

Tinder offers different choices for premium membership options. Each tier has different benefits and can help you have more success on the app. 

You can choose from Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum. The upgrades offered with these packages help you stand out to potential matches and pick through people who have shown interest in you. 

Some of the paid version benefits include:

  • Unlimited swipes/unlimited likes
  • Tinder boost
  • Super Likes
  • More specific search parameters 
  • Ability to see who likes you
  • Be seen first by the people you like
  • Rewinds
  • Ability to expand your search outside of your location
  • Control who sees your profile

While not mandatory, the paid services can really help you out if you’re having difficulties getting your profile some traction. 

14. Test Different Strategies

If you’re seeing a lull in profile likes, switch things up! Put up some different photos. Change your headline and write some different things in your profile. 

Some of your success will depend on trial and error. So keep tweaking your profile until you find something that works. A simple change in your headline or an updated photo could make a world of difference.

15. Use Other Profiles as Examples

Don’t copy anyone. It won’t work. 

After all, you need to showcase yourself and you can’t do that by straight up copying what others do. However, you can get inspiration from browsing some other profiles. 

Check out what kind of photos others are posting and what they are writing. It will give you some ideas of new things you can try out on your own profile. 

get more likes and matches on tinder checklist


Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps. So, you’re likely to find success on the platform. However, you do need to put some effort and thought into your profile. 

Potential matches want to see who you are and be able to learn a little bit about you from your profile. Make sure that you show off your best qualities when creating your account.

Consistency and patience will go a long way. You never know when you’ll find the perfect match! So just keep trying. If you get burned out on the site, you can try these ways of meeting people offline and then come back to the app later. Just have fun, be yourself, and test out different things until you get it right. Check out these messages to ask your Tinder matches for more support.

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