100 Best First Message Examples for Tinder to Get a Response

If you thought getting a match was the hard part, you were wrong! Once you match on Tinder, it’s hard to come up with the perfect message to send to your match. 

Sending a good first message helps ensure that you get a response. If you send something lame, you might not ever get a response. So, you need to make sure that your initial message makes a good first impression. 

If you’re lost on what a quality opener looks like, don’t worry! This list will help you start your Tinder conversations with great opening lines that get responses. 

How to Get a Response on Tinder

Many Tinder users complain about not getting any responses on the app. However, I’ve found that they are often making the common mistake of sending bad first messages. Saying “Hey” in your first Tinder message usually isn’t going to get you anywhere. 

You need to make sure that you start conversations with something that sets you apart from all of the other people in their inbox. Making the first move with a good message is a sure-fire way to get a response. 

When sending a message, you want to leave room for a response. If it’s not natural for them to respond to what you say, they might not write you back. Instead, you need to write something that is easy for them to message you back about. 

For example, asking a question makes it really easy for them to respond. Something as simple as “Hey. How is your day going?” leaves them an opening to write you back. 

You don’t need to be super clever when writing a first message. However, you should put a little bit of thought into it. Asking a question about something you saw on their bio will let them know you put the effort into getting to know as much as you could about them. 

Use a Simple First Message Formula

If you get stuck, you can simply copy one of the lines from the list below. Or you can follow one of these simple message formulas to come up with something to say. 

Greeting + Question

Good morning! How is your week going so far?

Hi there. What are you up to this weekend?

Hey! What’s a nice guy/girl like you doing here?

Greeting + Compliment + Question

Hi there. I really love the color of your eyes. Would you want to grab a coffee sometime?

Hey. I love your smile! How was your weekend?

Hi (insert name). You seem like a really cool person. How is your day going so far?

Comment on Something From Their Profile + Question

I love your hiking photo. Where was that taken? 

Wow! That’s a huge fish in your photo. Where did you catch it?

Hey there. I see that you are into music. What was the last concert you went to?

Fun Opener Line

I’m really considering letting you take me on a date. 

Using only emojis, show me what you want to do on our first date. 

So, what are we doing this weekend?

Good Opening Lines to Use as Tinder Openers

You can make pretty much anything an opening line on Tinder. You know that they are already interested in you a little bit since they swiped right on your profile. 

If you are more flirty or goofy, you can try a funny pick-up line. If you’re more serious and straightforward, you can try asking a question or simply asking them out. 

tinder first message ideas

Here are some examples of what works well as the best Tinder conversation starters you can use:

  • Open-ended questions
  • Cheesy pickup lines
  • Flirty compliment
  • Personal question
  • A questions about the person’s profile
  • Creative opener lines
  • Funny opening lines

Best Tinder Openers

Here are some first Tinder message examples that you can use to get a response. Some of these lines have been used by other Tinder users with great success. Others were written and tested by me, a relationship coach. 

Make Small Talk

Making small talk is easy and effective. Simply ask them a quick question or send a nice greeting. If someone is looking to be swept off their feet or impressed by something funny, you might want to look further down in the list. However, a simple message usually works just fine in my experience. 

  1. Good morning! How are you enjoying your summer so far?
  2. Hi, how are you doing today?
  3. Good evening, how was your day?
  4. Hi there! What was the last movie you watched? 
  5. I see you have a dog in your profile picture, is it yours? What’s its name?
  6. I see you are a (insert profession). How long have you been doing that?
  7. What’s your favorite part about working as a (insert profession)?
  8. Hey, fancy seeing you here. 
  9. Hi there. Do you come here often?
  10. How is the weather where you are? 
  11. What are you doing Friday night?
  12. I see you just moved here. How are you liking it so far?
  13. Let’s grab a drink and get to know each other?
  14. What does a regular weekend look like for you?
  15. Where is your favorite place to grab lunch?
  16. Hey. It looks like we have a lot in common. I’d love to get to know you better. 
  17. Are you enjoying the snow?
  18. Hey, hope you had a great week at work. What are you up to this weekend?
  19. I’m so glad that we matched! It looks like we have a lot in common. How are you doing this evening?
  20. Your job sounds really interesting. What does a typical day look like to you?
  21. What is the first thing you do to start your day off?

Get Flirty

Sending a flirtatious message will help set you apart from the competition and get the romantic ball rolling. You don’t want to be too aggressive with these messages, but it’s totally appropriate to send something a little saucy. 

  1. You said you like to cuddle in your bio. I just wanted you to know that I’m somewhat of a pro. Want to see what you’ve been missing?
  2. I love your smile! Want to show it to me in person?
  3. You seem perfect. Where have you been hiding?
  4. You have the most beautiful eyes. How are you doing today?
  5. I just wanted to let you know how beautiful you are. I hope you’re having a great day. 
  6. Do you want to be my first Tinder date?
  7. Studies show that you’d be 150% happier if you were dating me. 
  8. Can you guess what it is about your profile that made me interested? 
  9. Serious relationships or a one-night stand?
  10. Good news, you don’t have to keep swiping. You’ve found your perfect match. 
  11. Science shows that you are 100% more attractive than every other guy/girl on this app. 
  12. Want to make a bet on who is the better kisser?
  13. Which one of us do you think will say “I love you” first? 
  14. I knew I had seen you somewhere before. It was in my dreams. 
  15. I see that you just broke up with someone. Did you know the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else?
  16. I wish I was your pillow so you could wake up on me every morning.
  17. I have three piercings, can you guess where they are? 
  18. I’m not a scientist, but I can definitely tell there’s some chemistry here. 
  19. Five reasons I swiped right on your profile: your smile, your eyes, you love reading, you’re beautiful, and you make me want to get to know you better. 

Talk About Their Interests

Everyone loves to be asked about themselves. So, find something from their profile and ask about it. If they said they like a certain hobby, ask them about it. Find things in their photos to ask about and get to know them a bit better. 

  1. Hi! I see that you like biking. Where is your favorite place to ride locally?
  2. I like music too. What are your favorite five songs right now?
  3. Camping is one of my favorite things to do, too. I just went with my friends last weekend. Where is your favorite place to go?
  4. Wow that’s a nice fish in your profile pic. Where did you catch it?
  5. It looks like you work quite a bit. What do you do to relax on your days off?
  6. I see you like the (insert team name here). Did you catch the game last week?
  7. Hi! I love to travel too. Do you have any trips planned for this year?
  8. Your profile says you love adventures. Where would you take me?
  9. I love the anthem song on your profile. What are your other favorites?
  10. I see you’re into reading. Are you currently reading anything good?
  11. Your Tinder bio says you love adventures. I guess you love me? 
  12. I love your hiking photos. What’s your favorite trail? 
  13. Do you think you could beat me at chess?
  14. Your bio says you like stand up comedy. Who’s the last comedian you watched?
  15. I read that you like hot yoga. Would you like to go to a class together sometime? 
  16. I like to read too. What is your favorite book of all time? 
  17. Hey. I love music too. What are your top three songs right now?
  18. Hi there. I’m a Netflix binger too. What show have you been watching?
  19. If you and I were stuck on an island together, what three things would you have to bring with you?
  20. If we were to go on a picnic date, what foods should I pack for you?
  21. If I had just moved here and you were recommending five places that I HAD to go to, what would they be?

Fun Tinder Openers

If you’re a little more silly, you might try one of these funny openers instead. You can send a joke, a pickup line, or something off the wall. Just save some of the cheese for later. 

  1. If you were a starburst, you’d be a red one. (Because the red ones are my favorite)
  2. Hey, I’m at the grocery store. Do you want anything?
  3. So how does this thing work? We’re dating now, right?
  4. Now that we have tinder, let’s start a fire. 
  5. Can I pet your dog?
  6. Using only emojis, show me what you want to do on our first date. 
  7. So, what are we doing this weekend?
  8. Thanks for swiping right! My parents are so excited to meet you. 
  9. What is a smart, funny, attractive person like me doing without your number?
  10. I’m really considering letting you take me on a date. 
  11. Just in case you’re wondering…. No, I don’t look better in person. 
  12. Unlike the Backstreet Boys, I do care who you are, what you’ve done, and where you’ve been. So tell me?
  13. Are you looking for a good time, the best time, or a great time?
  14. I bet you think I have a good sense of humor because I’m not that attractive.
  15. How long have you been searching for me?
  16. I have bad news. Tinder contacted me and asked me to tell you to delete your profile. They said to send me your number first, though.
  17. I’m here! What are your other two wishes?
  18. Tell me two truths and one lie. If I guess right, you have to take me on a date. 
  19. We are either going to a) grab coffee b) go to lunch c) see a movie d) go to dinner.  
  20. Insert funny pickup line here. 
  21. Stop staring at my profile pictures and message me already!
  22. Wow! You are very cute! And your human is okay too. (for someone with a pet in their profile)
  23. Which movie title describes your love life the best?
  24. Hey there. Can you describe your experience on dating sites with a GIF?
  25. Would you prefer I give you a compliment, ask you a question, or send you my best cheesy pickup line?
  26. What is the worst pickup line you’ve gotten on here so far? 
  27. What’s a nice person like you doing here?
  28. Wow! I just matched with the cutest person ever. I really hope they like me. Oops…… wrong person! I meant to send that to my friend… regarding you. 
  29. (Insert artist) is one of my favorites too. What was your favorite album? 
  30. I’m a fellow book nerd. Who are your top three authors?
  31. What’s your name? What’s your sign? What’s your birthday? What’s your wrist tattoo bible verse say?

Funny GIF Openers

One of the beautiful things about Tinder is that you can use GIFs instead of writing something out. While this is a bit lazy, it can get a good response. Sending something funny will almost always get a good reaction. 

  1. How you doin?
funny tinder gif opener
  1. Wave
cute tinder gif opener
  1. Cute guy alert
flirty first tinder message
  1. It’s about time
funny first tinder message
  1. Nice to meet me
bold first message on tinder
  1. Buy you a drink
asking someone out on tinder
  1. Whatcha doin?
adorable first tinder message
  1. You may ask me out to dinner
up front first tinder message

Tips For Sending the First Message on Tinder

Tinder is really a numbers game. What works on some people won’t work on others. You’ll need to try different approaches on different people. 

You can sometimes tell what will work better by someone’s profile. For example, if they say they’re looking for someone with a great sense of humor, you should try out a fun opening line instead of something boring. If their profile is really flirtatious, you should try a flirty line. 

Try to get to know them as well as you can from what they write in their bio. Use any hints of who they are to send the most appropriate opening line. Hopefully, they’ll like what you say and write you back. 

I recommend that you choose 3-5 openers that you like and see which ones work. Use the ones that get you responses to start conversations with different people and see where it goes. 

Using Tinder Openers

Hopefully these examples of tinder conversation starters have helped you find the perfect thing to write to your match. If you get stuck, you can always refer back to this page. 

For more dating success, I also recommend that you read this list of questions to ask on Tinder, what you need to know about likes on Tinder, and these tips for getting more likes and matches on Tinder

Now that you have some ideas for how to start conversations on Tinder, go out and try some of these lines and see which work best for you. Remember to try to make what you say personable and let your personality shine. Good luck out there!

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