47 Signs Your Ex-Girlfriend Is Still Interested

How do you know if your ex-girlfriend is still into you? Do you miss her and want to know if she still has feelings for you too? Or maybe she’s done a few things that have you wondering what her intentions are. 

It’s hard to tell what people’s intentions are sometimes. Especially when it comes to a complicated relationship with your ex. 

Luckily, there are signs that you can use to tell if she still has feelings for you. Let’s look at how you can tell if your ex still loves you and what to look for to verify her feelings. 

Is Your Ex-Girlfriend Still Interested?

Whether you want her to be or not, your ex-girlfriend may still be interested in you. While sometimes you won’t be able to tell for certain, there are a number of ways to verify her feelings. 

You could just ask her how she feels. But this can be uncomfortable and sometimes she might not be honest. However, there are signs you can look for that we’ll discuss below that you can use to avoid an awkward conversation. 

Does She Still Love You?

Just because an ex wants to know what’s going on with you doesn’t necessarily mean that she still loves you. However, she may show hints of her lingering love in her actions. 

How Do You Know If Your Ex-Girlfriend Still Has Feelings For You?

Short of asking your ex if she’s still in love with you, you can judge how she feels from the things she does. If she is consistently showing up in your life, showing you she cares, and giving you indications that she still loves you, you’ll know she still has feelings for you. 

how to tell if your ex girlfriend still loves you

What you choose to do with this information is up to you. 

Signs Your Ex-Girlfriend Wants to Be With You

While there is no one indicator that will let you know she’s still interested. Your ex-girlfriend may show one or more of these signs that mean she still has feelings for you. Take a look at the list and determine whether or not she has shown any of these signs. 

1. She Tells You She Misses You

Some of the clearest signs that your ex girlfriend still loves you will be in what she says to you. If she’s telling you that she misses you, then that means she probably is missing the relationship too. 

2. Your Ex Asks For a Second Chance

If she blatantly asks you for a second chance, then she is definitely still interested. Maybe she messed up before and that’s why you called things off. 

If she’s really missing you and wants a chance to do better, that means she still loves and cares for you. She’s also willing to admit fault which can be promising for a better future. 

3. She Asks Mutual Friends About You

If you have common friends, this is a great way to get information about your ex. Your friends might tell you that she’s been asking questions about you. 

This means that she’s still interested in what’s going on in your life. She might be asking questions to gauge whether or not you’ve moved on. 

4. She Reminds You of Good Times You Shared

If you were dating for a long time, chances are that you’ve shared some great times together. If your ex girlfriend sends you reminders of those times, she might be wanting to get back with you. 

This can look like her texting you something regarding an inside joke, a memory of a trip together, or other details to remind you of the good times. If she’s trying to make you think of how good you had it, she might be trying to rekindle the flame. 

5. She Doesn’t Have a New Partner

If your ex still hasn’t gotten into a new relationship, her feelings for you might be holding her back. She may just be taking her time jumping back into the dating game. 

if your ex stays single, she might still be into you

However, if you don’t see her with someone new, she might be waiting for you to reach back out. 

6. She Starts Rebound Relationships

On the other hand, if your ex jumps into a relationship too quickly, she might be looking for a rebound. We all know that rebounds don’t make for a healthy relationship. 

Although seeing her with someone new might make you think she has moved on, that isn’t necessarily true. Sometimes people use rebound relationships as a coverup of their true feelings. 

7. She Gives You a Hard Time About Who You’re Dating

If your ex-girlfriend is still into you, seeing you with someone else may bring up some negative emotions for her. She might say negative things about your new relationship or who you’re dating to express this. 

8. She Maintains Contact With Your Close Friends

Is she just as close to or closer to your friends now? She might be trying to stay in your circle to maintain contact with you. Inserting herself among her friends might help her feel closer to you and allow her to know what’s going on in your life. 

9. Her Body Language Says It All

Pay attention to her body language when you’re around your ex. How she acts toward you physically can tell you a lot. 

If she seems receptive toward you, this may indicate she’s still into you. She might do things like touch your shoulder or smile a lot at you. 

10. She Contacts You on a Regular Basis

One of the biggest signs that your ex is still interested is if she initiates contact with you all of the time. This shows that she is thinking of you often. 

While it’s possible for people to remain friends and talk after a breakup, it’s not the norm. So, if she’s making a lot of phone calls and texting you, she’s probably still in love with you.

11. She Flaunts Her New Love Interest

If your ex is purposely rubbing her new relationship in your face, then she might be using this new guy to make you jealous. Her attempts to make you jealous are obvious signs of her continued interest in you. 

12. She Interacts With All of Your Social Media Posts

If your ex is all over you social media posts with likes and comments, then she might be trying to get your attention. This is an easy way for her to make you see her name and think about her often. 

So if she’s showing up and watching all of your stories and interacting with your social accounts, she might be trying to let you know she still wants you. 

13. She Drops Subtle Hints That She Wants You

There may be more subtle signs that she wants to get back together with you. She might give you little hints like joking about getting back together or sending you reminders of how good your past relationship was. 

This could be something as small as sending you a picture she came across of you two when you were dating. 

14. You Have a Gut Feeling

Sometimes you just have to go with your gut. Maybe you haven’t noticed a clear sign that she still has romantic feelings for you. But, for some reason, you just know it in your heart. 

If you have a gut feeling that she still loves you, you might be right. You’ll have to ask her to know for sure, but you can use this intuition as a sign that she’s interested. 

15. She Always Wishes You a Happy Birthday

Have you been apart for years? But your ex never misses the chance to wish you a happy birthday? 

your ex might still have feelings for you if she always wishes you a happy birthday

If so, she might still be in love with you. Most exes don’t wish each other happy birthday unless they split on good terms and have remained friends. If you haven’t maintained a relationship otherwise, she might be into and using your birthday as an excuse to talk to you. 

16. She’s Not Making Future Plans

If you’re still in contact with your ex, you might know what’s going on in her life. It may seem like she’s putting her life on hold and not really moving forward. 

When she doesn’t make future plans, this might mean she’s waiting to see what happens with you. After all, she doesn’t want to be unavailable if you’re still interested in her too. 

17. Your Ex Frequents Your Favorite Spots

Do you have a favorite restaurant, bar, or other hang out spot that you keep seeing your ex at? She might be frequenting places you go just for the chance to run into you. This is a good sign that she still has feelings for you.

18. She Hates That You Blocked Her on Social Media

If you received a bad reaction from blocking her from your social accounts, this might be because she hates losing access to you. If she tries things like using fake accounts to spy on you, you know that she still needs to know what you have going on.

19. Your Ex Drunk-Texts You

You might be getting weird text messages at night when she’s been partying. This is one of the most common signs that she’s missing you. 

She might not tell you how she feels normally. However, after a night out she ends up going home alone and wondering what it is you’re doing.

20. She Contacts You About Little Things

Your ex-girlfriend might keep contacting you about really small, insignificant things. Maybe she’s wondering if you still have her hairbrush or what the name of that movie was called. 

The real reason she is contacting you about small things is so she can talk to you. So, she’ll find an excuse with something insignificant to ask you about.

21. She Maintains Contact With Your Family

A lot of people cut ties with their ex’s family once the relationship ends. If she is trying to maintain relationships with your family members, she might have hopes for a future with you. 

This isn’t always the case, we know other people, like our parents, become close to who we’re dating. But she isn’t likely to put in a ton of effort if she doesn’t care about her relationship with you.  

22. She Asks a Lot of Questions About Who You’re Dating

When your ex still has feelings for you, she will be really interested in anyone new that you date. She might ask you or mutual friends a ton of questions about the new girl. This level of interest is a sure sign of jealousy and possible hidden feelings. 

your ex asks questions about who you're dating

23. Your Ex Makes It Obvious She’s Trying to Make You Jealous

If your ex’s behavior is a bit ridiculous when it comes to making you jealous, then she’s probably not over you. While she might be trying to hurt you for other reasons, she most likely wouldn’t waste her time trying to fire you up if she didn’t still care how you felt.  

24. She Won’t Let You Have a Clean Break

Your ex-girlfriend might be making it really hard for you to have a clean break. This can look like her starting arguments with you, bringing up things from the past, and always continuing the breakup conversation. 

This shows that she isn’t ready to let go of the relationship in a way that will give you both closure.

25. Her Friends Reach Out to You

If one of her friends have been there for her through the breakup, they might reach out to you. As a concerned friend, it’s difficult to watch someone go through a heartbreak. 

If your ex has mentioned to them that they miss you and want the relationship back, the friend might reach out to you to let you know what’s going on. The friend might be hoping to help get you back together. 

26. She’s Working on Her Breakup Revenge Body

This sign is common among women who were broken up with. If you ended things, she might be thinking that it was due to her looks among other things. 

She now thinks that if she can get in the best shape ever, it will have you crawling back to her. If she has started working out, dieting, and stepping up her physical appearance, she might be trying to get your attention back on her. 

27. She’s Constantly Partying

While the freedom after a breakup might make anyone get out a little more often, your ex might be going out too much. 

If you notice that she’s constantly partying, she might be looking for an escape from her feelings for you. She thinks that if she can preoccupy herself in this way, she won’t miss you as much. 

28. She Publicizes Her Love Life

Did your ex not post a lot on social media in the past? But now she is sharing photos of every little thing she does with her new love interest?

This may be a sign that she’s not over you. If she needs to make sure you see her with someone new, she might be trying to make you jealous or realize what you’ve lost.

29. She Sends You Sexy Messages

This one is a clear sign that she’s trying to get your attention. If she’s trying to be sexy or flirtatious with you, she’s looking for a positive response from you. She might think that trying this route is the only way to get your attention and judge if you’re still interested.

30. Your Ex Purposely Dates People You Know

Do you have a mortal enemy? Or a close friend? Your ex could go after either of these people when she still has feelings for you. 

If she’s dating someone you know, it might be just to get a rise out of you. She may try someone in your friend group or someone that she knows you dislike. Her hope is that it will bother you enough to fight for her or let her know that it bothers you.

31. She Blocks Then Unblocks You

If your ex blocks then unblocks you, this may be a sign that they are opening up the lines of contact again. In the heat of the moment, she didn’t want to talk to you and didn’t want you to have access to her. 

When she unblocks you, this is her way of letting the wall down a bit to see if you’ll try to contact her now. She may also be unblocking you to be able to check up on you herself. 

32. She Wants to Remain Friends

Her plea to still be friends might be a last effort to keep you in her life. After all, we know it’s difficult to maintain a friendship with your ex. 

ex wants to be friends because she still is interested in you

A lot of times this effort is made because there are still feelings there and the thought of not having someone in your life at all is worse than trying to navigate the waters of a post-breakup friendship. 

33. Your Ex is Suddenly Being Really Nice to You

There may have been a period when your ex was cold after the breakup. She was probably upset and hurt. 

Now, if she’s suddenly being really nice to you, she might be trying to get back in your good graces. If she is being sweet to you, it might be because she wants to be with you again. 

34. She is Being Hot and Cold

If your ex-girlfriend is hot and then cold, it could be a sign she is still carrying around feelings for you. She might be conflicted and this is causing her to reflect that in her actions.

35. She Wants to Maintain a Physical Relationship

Like staying friends, your ex may think the only way to keep you in her life is to maintain a relationship with you physically. She thinks that if you’re still sleeping together, she can keep you around and that you may develop feelings for her again. 

36. Your Ex Keeps Sending You Pictures

Your ex might send you pictures after you’re broken up for validation. She wants to know that you still find her attractive. This is a way for her to gauge your interest and let you know that she’s still around. 

37. She Has Trouble Talking to You or Seeing You

If she has deep feelings for you, she might have trouble talking to you or seeing you. You’ll be able to see this by the way she acts around you. 

Does she avoid talking to you when you see each other? Or has she cut contact? If so, she might be protecting herself. 

38. She Contacts You Even When She’s Dating Someone Else

You may think that because she’s with someone new that she’s moved on. However, if she is still talking to you even though she’s dating someone else, she might still be interested in you. 

39. She Gets Emotional When You Talk

If your ex cries or gets really emotional when you talk, it’s because she still has feelings for you. She might be mourning the relationship and how things used to be between you too. 

ex cries when she talks to you because she still loves you

Talking to you brings up feelings for her and it can be hard to even have a conversation with you.

40. Your Ex Drives Past Your House

Have you spotted your ex driving past your house? She might be driving by to see what you’re up to. This is her way of checking up on you in hopes that you won’t spot her car. 

41. She Sends You Long Emails

Sometimes people don’t feel like they are able to communicate their feelings well. Writing letters or long emails is a way for them to get out all of their feelings at once. 

If your ex is sending you a lot of communication this way, she is probably trying to work things out and share her feelings for you. This may be an attempt to clear things up so she can either move on or try again. 

42. She Still Helps You

Why would your ex still want to help you even after you’ve broken up? Because she cares about you! If she’s still helping you out with things post-breakup, then she’s letting you know she is still there for you. This could be in a friendly manner or a way for her to let you know that she still wants to be with you. 

43. Your Ex Posts About You

Unfortunately, people have turned to social media to post obscure, indirect things on social media in attempts to get people’s attention. If you see her posting things about missing someone, hating being single, and other things that pertain to your old relationship, she is probably missing you and trying to get your attention. 

your ex posts things on social media about missing you

This is a way for people who aren’t great at communicating directly to let others know how they feel. 

44. She Stares at You When She Sees You

If your ex stares at you when she sees you it can mean she still has feelings for you. She might be noticing how attractive you are. Or she may be remembering things about the relationship when she looks at you. 

45. Your Ex Showcases What Her New Boyfriend Does For Her

While this isn’t always a sign that she’s trying to get your attention, your ex might be trying to show you that someone else is interested in her. If she is always drawing attention to how much another guy does for her and appreciates her, she may be trying to show you what you’re missing. 

46. She Tries to Sabotage Your New Relationships 

If you’re living the nightmare of your ex contacting the person you’re now with, it’s probably because she still loves you. She might not be able to stand the fact that you’re with someone new. Her only way of solving the problem for herself is to try to break you two apart. 

47. She Texts You on Holidays and Special Occasions

If she always makes a point to contact you during holidays and on dates that are important to you, she might still have romantic feelings for you. She wants you to know that she’s thinking of you and that you’re important enough for her to make an effort for. 


There are many signs that could mean your ex-girlfriend is still into you. While no one action is a sure way to prove how she feels, you can use these signs as a guide to figuring out what her intentions are. 

Whether she’s hiding her feelings or trying to leave you hints that she still loves you, you’ll need to look for signs to be sure. Use this list to determine where you stand with your ex. This can help you if you’re wanting to give things another chance or if you’re just trying to figure out why she’s doing the things she does. 

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