100 Relationship Checklist Examples That Will Help You Find the Perfect Match + Printable

Do you find that you end up in relationships that don’t work out? And you think “Man! I should have seen that coming!” or “Why didn’t I find this out in the beginning?”? Well, we’re here to help!

By creating a checklist for your perfect partner, you can make sure that the person you’re dating is a good match before you start a relationship with them. You will list the most important qualities and things you want out of a partner as well as things that you don’t want. This will help you stick to what you know you want for yourself instead of ignoring red flags and jumping into another bound-to-fail relationship.

Let’s look at how you can craft the perfect relationship checklist as well as examples of what kind of things you should have on yours. You can use our free printable at the end of this article to write your checklist quickly and easily today!

How to Write Your Checklist for Dating

Your checklist should have three sections. A “must-have” section, a “would be nice” section, and a “dealbreaker” section. These will help you categorize and prioritize the things you want and don’t want in a romantic partner. Here is what the sections should look like.

Must Haves

Your “must-have” section should be filled with the qualities and things your future partner has to have. These are things that you aren’t flexible on. They should be based on your values and ideals. Some examples are religious affiliations, life goals and plans, and core beliefs.

Would Be Nice

This section should be filled with things that you’d like in a partner, but it’s not a dealbreaker if they aren’t present. These are the areas in which you’re flexible and are checklist items that aren’t as important. Some examples could be physical attributes, interests, and preferences.


This section on your checklist is for the things that you do not want in a significant other. When writing this section, think of things that someone could say or do that would make you not want to be with them. Or they could be things that if you found out about them, you’d end the relationship. Some examples are bad habits, differing values, baggage, and bad qualities.

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Relationship Checklist Examples

Now that you know how to use each section on the checklist, let’s look at some examples of items that you may want to add. These examples are broken down into wants and dealbreakers. You can separate the wants into the “must-haves” and “would be nice” categories based on your personal preferences. Don’t forget to come up with some of your own as well since this is a very unique and personal list.


  1. Great sense of humor
  2. Honest
  3. Faithful
  4. Has a good job
  5. Lives on their own
  6. Prioritizes me and our relationship
  7. Kind to others
  8. Financially stable
  9. Educated
  10. Adventurous
  11. Likes to travel
  12. Loves dogs
  13. Wants kids in the future
  14. Has a future goal of marriage
  15. Has a good relationship with their family
  16. Takes care of their body
  17. Great cook
  18. Religious or spiritual
  19. Is a positive person
  20. Likes to be outdoors
  21. Great communicator
  22. Able to anticipate my needs
  23. Compatible sexually
  24. Generous
  25. Trustworthy
  26. Respectful
  27. Supportive
  28. Makes me feel comfortable being myself
  29. Puts effort into being romantic
  30. Gets along with my friends and family
  31. We have great chemistry
  32. On board with my goals
  33. Encourages me
  34. Has great hair
  35. Stays in shape
  36. Enjoys trying new things
  37. Is openminded
  38. Great with kids
  39. Smart
  40. Able to have deep conversations
  41. Willing to move far away in the future
  42. Understands your love language
  43. Doesn’t flirt with other people
  44. Goes to church
  45. Willing to help others
  46. Places others before themselves
  47. Makes a positive impact wherever they go
  48. Enjoys reading the same books and authors as you
  49. Enjoys playing the same games as you
  50. Has confidence


  1. Smokes
  2. Drinks too much
  3. Uses drugs
  4. Has a bad temper or is violent
  5. Has a lot of debt
  6. Rude to waitstaff
  7. Is a negative person
  8. Doesn’t want kids
  9. Won’t commit to marriage someday
  10. Has kids from a past relationship
  11. Lacks ambition
  12. Unemployed
  13. History of disloyalty
  14. Isn’t part of their child’s life
  15. Disrespectful
  16. Borrows money a lot
  17. Doesn’t get along with a lot of people
  18. Criticizes me
  19. Wants me to change things about myself
  20. Puts their career before our relationship
  21. Can’t be alone
  22. Controlling
  23. Jealous
  24. Isn’t supportive of my goals
  25. Focuses on only themselves
  26. Doesn’t listen to me when I’m talking to them
  27. Secretive
  28. Has a criminal history
  29. Isn’t willing to travel
  30. Parties all the time
  31. Won’t leave the house often
  32. Doesn’t clean up after themselves
  33. Radically political
  34. Never willing to compromise
  35. Doesn’t like your friends or family members
  36. Poor hygiene
  37. Competitive with you
  38. Hates that you’re more successful than they are
  39. Know-it-all
  40. Annoying
  41. Loud and abrasive
  42. Won’t exercise
  43. No similar interests or hobbies
  44. Too short/too tall
  45. Has no drive
  46. Won’t hang out with your friends
  47. Never does anything you want to do
  48. Has a pet you’re allergic to
  49. Has no friends
  50. Doesn’t have any long-term goals

Tips for Using a Checklist When Dating

Having a checklist of what you want and don’ want is a useful tool when you’re dating. It allows you to focus on things that are important to you while. It also ensures that you don’t skip over red flags or dealbreakers because you see potential otherwise. Here are some tips for making your checklist work for you:

  • Be specific but not so specific that you narrow your potential matches down to 0.
  • List enough items that give you a good idea of who you’re looking for.
  • Focus more on what you do want than what you don’t.
  • Determine what you’re flexible on and what you aren’t before you meet someone. This will help you uphold your standards without being distracted and trying to make it work with the wrong person.
  • Review your list after each date or conversation and see if you can check any boxes.
  • The list is for your use only. Don’t disclose what’s on it to the person you’re dating or they might try to be someone they aren’t just to fit your needs.
  • You are allowed to add and remove things from your list as you change and learn about yourself.

Free, Printable Relationship Checklist Template

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