27 Long Distance Date Ideas to Keep Couples Connected

Did you know that around 14 million couples are in a long distance relationship? It’s no secret that technology has taken over our lives. And with technology comes the ability to be in touch with people all over the world, no matter where they are. So it’s no surprise that more and more couples are finding themselves in long distance relationships.

Stay Connected With These Long Distance Date Ideas

But just because you’re miles apart, doesn’t mean your relationship has to suffer! There are plenty of ways to keep the spark alive, even when you can’t be in the same place. Here are some of our favorite ways for couples to stay connected even when they’re apart.

keep your long distance relationship alive with these date night ideas

1. Video Chat Date Night

One of the best ways to feel close to your partner when you can’t be in the same place is to have a regular video chat date night. Just getting to see their face while you talk to them can turn regular phone calls into more intimate coversations. You’ll be able to see what they are doing and connect on a deeper level. Plus, there are a lot of fun things you can do together on a video call.

2. Cook Dinner Together

Whether you decide to cook the same dish or both choose something different, cooking dinner together can be a fun and relaxing way to spend some quality time together, even if you’re not in the same kitchen. You can chat while you cook, and then enjoy a delicious meal together. If you want to make it extra special, light some candles, pour some wine, and dress up for your date!

3. Exchange Love Letters

Another classic way to stay close when you’re apart is by exchanging love letters. You can write to each other about your day, or share your hopes and dreams for the future. This type of communication will help you both feel more intimately connected, even if you don’t live in the same place.

Plus, there’s just something really romantic about getting a hand-written love letter. Texts and emails are really easy to send. Using snail mail to take the extra time to write something out and send it as a surprise shows that you put in extra effort.

4. Create a Shared Photo Album

If you’re the type of couple that likes to look back on old photos, then a shared photo album is perfect for you. You can share pictures from your relationship, or just pictures that remind you of each other. It’s a great way to not only stay connected with each other, but also relive some cherished memories!

Depending on what devices you use, sharing an album can be pretty easy. There are a few options for shared photo albums.  You can use Google Photos, iCloud Photo Sharing, or even just create a shared folder on Dropbox.

5. Take an Online Class Together

Learning something new together can help you feel closer as a couple, even if you’re far apart. It’s the perfect way to spend some quality time together while also stimulating your mind. There are a lot of different options for online classes these days. You can take anything from a cooking class to a dance class together while being miles and miles apart.

6. Play a Board Game

Just because you’re not in the same room it doesn’t mean you can’t play a board game together! If you set up a video chat, you can both see the board. The person with the board will have to make some moves for the other to make it work.

Or for board games like Monopoly, the person without the board game at home only needs dice so they can roll for themselves. If you’re creative, you can still play your favorite games together while apart.

7. Have a Movie Night

There are several ways to watch a movie together while in a long-distance relationship. Luckily, there are a lot of streaming services that allow users across the world to watch shows together. Some options include Teleparty (used to be called Netflix Party), Amazon Watch Party ,and Hulu Watch Party.

Send your sweetie a care package with all the things they need for your movie night as a surprise. This could include snacks, popcorn, comfy pajamas, and a blanket. They will feel extra special during your movie night.

long distance movie night date idea

8. Watch a TV Series Together

You can use the same services for watching movies together to watch your favorite TV shows.  Rather than binge-watching them by yourself, you can do it as a couple. Or you can schedule certain days or times to watch one episode at a time together. This is a great way to have something to look forward to doing with each other.

9. Listen to Music

Share your old favorites or new songs that you’ve discovered with your sweetheart and spend time listening to music together. You can share songs that remind you of them and classic love songs to make it even more romantic.

10. Have a Dance Party

It’s easy to schedule virtual dance parties with your sweetie. You can either choose a playlist of your favorite songs or take turns picking the music. Dancing is always fun and will give you a way to be silly and have fun together. It might feel odd at first but we promise you’ll have fun if you both let loose and enjoy the music.

11. Beat an Online Escape Room

If you love puzzles and working together, an online escape room is perfect for you! You can work together to solve the puzzles and find your way out in under an hour. This is a great option for couples that like to be challenged and put their minds to the test. There are a lot of options for online escape rooms and some are even free.

12. Play Card Games

Playing card games with your significant other can be a lot of fun, and it’s a great way to pass the time when you’re miles apart. If you each have your own deck you can easily deal yourself cards and play games together. No cheating!

13. Have a Virtual Dinner Date

Long-distance couples can have a dinner date any day of the week, even miles apart. This is one of our favorite virtual date nights. You can either cook together as we mentioned above or you can both order your favorites in. For a fun twist, let each other order in what you’ll be eating as a surprise.

Enjoy your food while video chatting and sipping on your favorite drink. It’s fun to dress up and set the mood with candles and music as well.

virtual dinner date

14. Start Your Own Book Club

Connect over a books together with your own book club. Take turns picking out books for both of you to read. Then agree to read the book within a certain length of time and schedule a night to chat about it. Be careful not to reveal spoilers before you meet about it though in case you are at different parts of the book.

15. Read a Book Together

Instead of reading separately, you can take turns reading together over the phone. This is a perfect way to share bedtime stories even when you aren’t able to be together. A fun idea is to read a chapter a night before you both go to bed.

16. Play Online Video Games

If you both share a passion for video games, you can play them together! Think Call of Duty and the like. Play team games or generate some friendly competition and play against each other. You can use your gaming headsets or phones to chat while you play.

video game long distance date idea

17. Play Phone Games

There are lots of games on your phones that you can play together. Most are turn-based like Scrabble and other popular word games, chess, and Monopoly. You can even find live games to play like Among Us that are fun to play together.

18. Take a Yoga Class Together

Use a yoga video together and create your own yoga class that you can complete together. Just because you’re in different time zones doesn’t mean you can’t workout together.

19. Go On a Virtual Haunted House Tour

Want to get spooky? You can watch virtual tours of haunted houses together. This is a fun way to celebrate Halloween apart.

20. Complete a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a classic date idea and it’s just as fun over the phone. You can write clues to lead each other to special places around your hunny’s town. You can use riddles or a classic scavenger hunt with a list of things they need to find.

21. Wine or Beer Tasting

Since you can’t visit a winery or brewery together, bring a tasting to your homes and make it a date. You can both purchase the same types of wine or beer or try out what you have locally available.

You can try a subscription box where you order the same bottles and have them sent to both of your homes. Then you can decide which ones are your favorites together. LDR couples can still enjoy a glass of wine or beer with your sweetheart from anywhere.

wine tasting long distance date idea

22. Watch a Concert

Concerts are great for long-distance dates! You are able to stream many live performances and watch them together. Some are free and many are paid. This is a great alternative when you aren’t able to go out and enjoy live entertainment together.

23. Get Coffee Together

Go to a coffee shop and video chat while you wish each other a good morning. Even though you can’t go grab a coffee together, you can still get the atmosphere and get out of the house while staying connected. Use headphones to keep your conversation private at the coffee shop.

24. Celebrate Special Occasions

Being apart for holidays and special occasion is really hard on long distance couples.  Make sure that you still plan out celebrations together for special times of the year. You don’t want your significant other to have to celebrate birthdays and holidays alone! If you are having an in-person party with your best friends, have your partner join in virtually with a video call so they can join in on the fun.

25. Plan a Surprise Visit

We know this isn’t always an option, but when you can, you should plan to suprise your partner with a visit! We know they miss you when you’re apart and sometimes virtual get togethers just don’t cut it.

26. Take a Quiz Together

Find out each other’s love languages are or what their personal style is. Taking online quizes together is a fun activity that will tell you a little more about your significant other.

27. Double Date

You don’t have to feel left out when your friends are going on dates. Bring your partner along virtually and have them video chat while you bring them along with your friends.


How do I make long distance dating fun?

There are lots of ways to make long distance dating fun and interesting! You can try things like playing games together, taking a yoga class, going on a virtual haunted house tour, or celebrate special occasions together. Get creative and have fun!

What can long distance couples do?

Long distance couples can do a lot of things together. Besides talking, they can video chat, and even go on dates.

How do you stay connected in a long distance relationship?

Having regular date nights can help you stay connected in a long distance relationship. Making time to meet on a regular basis will ensure you are both putting effort into the relationship even when you can’t be together.


In an age where technology dominates our lives, it can be hard to maintain a long-distance relationship. But that doesn’t mean the end of the world for your love life! With a little creativity and effort, you can keep the spark alive between you and your partner even when you’re miles apart. Try some of our favorite long-distance date ideas and stay connected with your loved one no matter where you are.

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