50 Expert Tips | How to Be a Good Boyfriend

Have you finally started a relationship with your dream girl? If so, you’re probably here to find out the best way to be a good boyfriend to her. If you want your relationship to last a long time, we’ve put together some of the best things you can do. Use these tips to become the best boyfriend she’s ever had!

50 Things You Can Do To Be A Great Boyfriend

You should try to incorporate all of the ideas from this list to make sure that you’re the best boyfriend you can be. If you see something you can improve on, take the time to do so. It can make all the difference in your relationship.

Before we start, we want to answer some frequently asked questions that relate to being a good boyfriend.

What is an ideal boyfriend?

An ideal boyfriend is caring, sympathetic, thoughtful, and romantic.

How can I be a really good boyfriend?

You can be a good boyfriend by showing your girlfriend that you’re always there for her. Make sure you communicate well and prioritize her. See our list of other ideas for things you can do to be the best boyfriend out there!

What is an ideal boyfriend?

1. Notice The Little Things

If she got her hair cut, changed her perfume, or is wearing a killer new sweater, make sure that she knows you notice. She likely did these things with you in mind and a compliment from you can go a long way. She needs to know that you notice her and are paying attention. 

2. Do Sweet, Small Things All The Time

Though grand gestures are always appreciated, it’s the little things that really show how much you care. Something as simple as sending a good morning text or bringing her favorite coffee to her can make all the difference. There are a lot of sweet things you can do for your girlfriend that only take a few minutes of your day. 

3. Show Interest In Everything She Does

Not everything she does will be your cup of tea. However, just because you aren’t personally interested in her hobbies doesn’t mean you can’t show interest. You should be interested in HER which means you’re invested in what she does. 

4. Cheer Her Up If She Has A Bad Day

Being a good boyfriend isn’t just about being there for the good times. It’s also about being there for the bad times. When your girlfriend has had a tough day, it’s important to be there to cheer her up. Make sure that you are available and ready to sympathize if she has a bad day. Listen to her, help her through her problems, and have her favorite romantic comedies and some snacks available. 

5. Hug Her 

According to the experts, hugs are pretty powerful. Not only will you be showing your affection physically, but you can also boost your partner’s well-being with just a hug. An article from Cleveland Clinic says “Hugs cause a decrease in the release of cortisol, a stress hormone, and other research indicates that hugs decrease your blood pressure and heart rate in stressful situations.”. They also said “We can detach ourselves from people and get locked up in our own world.” “Just the physical act of hugging someone really does connect us with them and lets down some of our defenses.”. 

6. Be A Gentleman

Being a gentleman shows that you respect your partner. It’s also a way of making your partner feel special and appreciated. So don’t forget your manners when you’re with your girlfriend. Hold doors open for her, respect her boundaries, and don’t act like a jerk just because your friends are around.

7. Work On Your Bad Habits

If you have a bad relationship habit like criticizing your partners or getting angry during disagreements, you need to work on those things. Nobody is perfect and you should both be giving each other grace and room to work on yourselves. However, no one will put up with bad habits forever. Make sure you are looking for these things and working on improving them. 

8. Learn Her Love Language

Knowing your girlfriend’s love language is important. This is how she gives and wants to receive love. If you haven’t explored each other’s love languages, take a quiz to see how you compare. Then, do things in a way that speaks to her love language. 

9. Always Be Becoming A Better Man

Becoming stagnant can make your relationship stale and you can hit a plateau. If you’re always working on yourself, your relationship will benefit from this. Consider your relationship like a partnership where you can grow together. 

10. Show Your Love In Different Ways

Try to mix things up and show love in different ways. Getting a sweet text every morning is really great, but everyone needs something different once in a while. As humans, we tend to get used to things and the same gesture over and over can get boring for a lot of people. Things will seem more thoughtful if you come up with different ways to show your girlfriend that you love her. 

11. Do New Things Together

Take the initiative and figure out new things the two of you can experience together. Whether it’s trying new things intimately, going to new places, or eating new foods, doing new things can keep your relationship interesting. She’ll see the effort you put forth in making your relationship fun and interesting and will really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

12. Spend Quality Time With Her

Make sure that the time you spend together is quality. Don’t be distracted on your phone or worrying about school or work. Make sure that you are present and really in the moment. 

13. Make Things Right When You Do Something Wrong

As much as you want to be the perfect boyfriend, you’re bound to do something wrong at some point. Make sure you take the right steps to make things right. Always acknowledge what you did, apologize sincerely, and let her know what you’re going to do to make sure it doesn’t happen again. If you brush off your wrongdoings, she might not be able to trust you with her feelings. 

14. Be A Positive Influence On Her

It might seem like a lot of girls only like bad boys. However, that’s not who they really want to be with (in most cases). It’s best to genuinely care about her and her future. So, you need to be a positive influence. That means not getting her into trouble, not encouraging her to do the wrong thing, and helping to keep her on the path she needs to be on to reach her goals. This doesn’t mean you never get to have fun, but you should not be the person who is dragging her down. 

15. Don’t Try To Solve All Of Her Problems

Sometimes girlfriends can get frustrated because they tell their boyfriend about something and he just gives advice on how to fix it. We know you want to fix all of her problems! Sometimes girls just want you to listen and empathize instead of fixing things. You can ask if she wants your suggestions or if she just wants you to listen and be there for her. 

16. Be A Good Listener

It’s important to be a good listener as a boyfriend. A huge part of a relationship’s success is contributed to good communication. You need to not only be able to talk but to listen when it’s her turn to talk. Don’t interrupt her and make sure that you are actively listening to what she says. 

17. Never Argue In A Public Place

It’s best to keep arguments and relationship problems private. Don’t air your dirty laundry in public and argue in front of friends and other people. You should try to work things out amongst yourselves and seek council if you need to. Don’t embarrass her by fighting in public where everyone can see and hear your dispute. 

18. Prioritize Your Girlfriend

You shouldn’t become codependent in your relationship. It’s important for you both to have lives outside of each other. However, you still need to prioritize her. Make sure that she knows that she’s one of the most important things in your life. Don’t put things that don’t matter in front of her and her needs. 

19. Don’t Be Jealous

Jealousy is an ugly trait that can ruin relationships. Sure, you should have boundaries and she should be loyal to you. But don’t give in to jealous thoughts and freak out over nothing. If a guy looks at her, it’s not her fault. If she has male friends, don’t try to push them away. Don’t let your insecurities leave a mark on your relationship. 

20. Encourage Her To Reach Her Goals

You should be one of your girlfriend’s biggest cheerleaders. It’s important that she knows that you’re there to support her while she strives to reach her goals. Even if this means that sometimes your relationship takes a backseat to her success, she needs to know that you have her best interests at heart. Making sure she has the support and space to do what is important to her will mean a lot. 

21. Have A Sense Of Humor

Not only will she love that you can make her laugh in ways that no one else can, but she will also appreciate that you don’t take yourself too seriously. If you can laugh off small things instead of acting angry, she’ll see that you have your emotions under control and that you’ll be a steady, safe partner. You can take life seriously and still have a sense of humor about life and the small things. 

22. Offer Emotional Support

A lot of guys tend to shy away when women get emotional. Some men shut down and aren’t sure how to react or what to say. However, a good boyfriend should be able to offer her support emotionally. You can do this by listening, being compassionate, offering encouragement, and reassuring her. 

23. Don’t Skip Date Night

We talked about the importance of spending enough quality time together. A good way to do this is to schedule regular date nights. That way, no matter how busy you both get, you still carve out time for each other. Make sure that you’re still asking her out on dates even though you’ve passed the dating phase and are in a relationship. 

24. Offer A Helping Hand

If you know your girlfriend is overwhelmed or has a lot of work on her plate, give her some help! Help her with her assignment, yard work, get her oil changed for her, anything you can to help out. She will appreciate that you take the time to see what she has going on and that you’re willing to help her when she needs it. This is especially important if one of her love languages is “acts of service”. 

25. Do Things That She Wants To Do

It’s awesome that you take the time to plan out activities for the two of you! Just make sure that you’re doing things that she likes and wants to do. It’s okay if she’s showing support and attending a concert that only you’re into. But don’t do that all of the time. Make sure that you’re satisfying her interests too. This might mean you skip your action movie and let her pick one of her favorite romantic comedies or TV shows. 

26. Work On Your Communication Skills

Communication can either make or break a relationship. Make sure that you and your girlfriend are able to listen, hear, and understand each other. This might mean that you need to learn new communication skills like active listening, and repeating back what you hear in your own words to make sure you’re understanding each other. 

27. Make Time For Self Care

Make sure that you are making time for self-care and that your girlfriend is making time for her own as well. This will help you both stay mentally healthy and be able to positively contribute to the relationship. If you notice that your girlfriend isn’t prioritizing this important time for herself, make sure that she does! This can be you scheduling her a massage, grabbing takeout so she doesn’t have to cook after school or work, or taking something off her plate so she can focus on herself. 

28. Don’t Take Her For Granted

It’s easy to become complacent in a relationship. You get comfortable with each other and expect the other person to be around forever. It’s good to be comfortable, but you shouldn’t be so comfortable that you start taking the fact that she is with you for granted. Remind yourself to take a step back and appreciate that this person is choosing to be with you.

29. Be A Safe Place For Her

You should be a safe place for her to come to. She should be able to tell you her secrets, dreams, and everything that she wouldn’t tell anyone else. Make sure that you aren’t sharing these things with other people. Always make her feel comfortable coming to you about anything and everything. 

30. Compliment Her

You may have told her she’s beautiful 1,000 times. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t want you to keep saying it. Remind her what you love about her and let her know you appreciate her with your kind words. A small thing like telling her you like her hair that day can make her have a great rest of the day. 

31. Don’t Flirt With Other Women

You shouldn’t let other women come between you. This means that even seemingly harmless flirtations and relationships shouldn’t be encouraged. It’s fine for you to have female friends, but nothing should be hidden from your girlfriend if you want things to last. Be upfront about who you talk to and hang out with. If other girls are flirting with you, brush them off and remind them you’re taken. 

32. Treat Her Friends And Family Well

A great quality in a good boyfriend is that he can get along with your friends and family! This means that you treat the other people she loves with respect and kindness. Treat her friends and family like your own and try to get along with them as much as possible. This will show her that you can fit in with her other social circles and that she can bring you around the people she spends time with. If her best friend and you can’t get along, it will be hard for her to spend time with you both and she might choose them over you. 

33. Don’t Try To Control Her

One of the ugliest things a guy can do in a relationship is to try to control his girlfriend. She is an individual person with her own thoughts, feelings, and goals. Let her be herself and let her do the things she wants to. By trying to control the things she does, you’ll end up pushing her away because no one likes that. Be respectful of her instead. 

34. Always Be Honest

Honesty is the best policy and broken trust can mean the end of a relationship. Don’t lie and try to cover things up. This stuff tends to surface eventually and you don’t want to be caught being dishonest. Instead, bring things up from the beginning and talk them out. Your girlfriend will appreciate the fact that you respect her enough to talk about things even if they are difficult. 

35. Let Yourself Be Vulnerable Around Her

Being vulnerable around her allows you to be open and honest with each other, and it creates a sense of trust. When you’re vulnerable, you’re also showing your girlfriend that you’re comfortable enough with her to let your guard down. This level of comfort is essential for any relationship to grow and thrive. If you keep a wall up, she won’t be able to fully trust you with her own feelings and thoughts. 

36. Encourage Her To Spend Time With Her Friends

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our relationships that our friendships get put on the backburner. Let her know that you encourage her to spend time with her friends on her own. This will help her sense of self and make it so she doesn’t feel suffocated by your relationship. It’s also a great way for you to get some time with your own friends. 

37. Be A Man Of Your Word

A great boyfriend should always do what he says he’s going to. Always keep your word and don’t make promises you aren’t going to keep. If you let her down, she won’t be able to trust the things you say. 

38. Don’t Speak Badly Of Her To Anyone

If you want to keep a healthy relationship, don’t badmouth your girlfriend. This includes venting about her when she does something wrong or when you’re in an argument. Don’t speak badly of her to your friends or family. Your disagreements should be between the two of you. If you really need help or advice with something, seek trusted counsel about it while remaining positive about your girlfriend. 

39. Be Romantic

Even the best boyfriend can get caught up with other things in life and forget to be romantic. Make sure that you don’t let romance slip away in your relationship. Otherwise, you can start to feel more like best friends or even casual acquaintances after a while. Make sure that you’re making romantic gestures and being the guy she deserves. 

40. Keep Track Of Special Dates

Don’t be the guy that forgets his girlfriend’s birthday or your anniversary. Write down important dates and keep them handy in the calendar on your phone. Set reminders so you have time to prepare for upcoming events and dates. She will appreciate the fact that you take the time to remember special occasions without having to be reminded. 

41. Introduce Her To Your Family

Show her that she’s a big part of your life by introducing her to your family. If you keep her closed out of your family events and holidays, she may think that she’s not important to you. So, bring her around to let her know this is a committed relationship. 

42. Invite Her To Hang Out With Your Friends

Letting her get to know your friends is just as important as introducing her to your family members. So, next time you hang out with your good friend, invite her along so they can spend some time together. They might hit it off and make hanging out with both of them more often even easier. 

43. Be Willing To Compromise

Part of being a better boyfriend is learning how to compromise correctly. You should be flexible enough to incorporate her needs and wants into the relationship. It shouldn’t ever be one-sided because you aren’t willing to negotiate things. Learn what’s most important to you and what you can let go in order to work things out. 

44. Give Her Space When She Needs It

Alone time is one of the most important aspects of romantic relationships. Everyone needs their own space now and again to recharge and practice self-care. Make sure that you are aware of when she needs space for herself and be willing to give it to her. This is a great opportunity for you to do the same so that you are both getting what you need. 

45. Use The Right Amount Of Physical Touch

Make sure that you are meeting her physical needs. This means communicating with her to find out what she wants. Some people like to be touched more than others. She might want more from you or may feel suffocated if you are doing too much. Being on the same page physically is an important part of any relationship.

46. Teach Her Things

Show off your intellect and skills by teaching your girlfriend how to do things. This will help you share your interests with her while spending some great quality time together. It’s nice to impress her with the things you know sometimes!

47. Include Her In Your Future

Let her know that you’re in this for the long run by making plans with her. Plan things with her that will happen in the future. Consider her when making your own future plans. This will let her know that she’s important to you and that you value her being in your life. 

48. Don’t Compare Her To Your Ex

Your ex has nothing to do with your current girlfriend or relationship. So there’s no need to bring her up or compare your current girlfriend to her. It’s hard not to bring baggage from past relationships to present ones. However, it’s unfair for you to base your expectations on what you’ve previously had happen to you. 

49. Take Care Of Yourself

Keeping yourself healthy, clean, and fit will boost your confidence and affect how you act. So, not only will you smell and look better, you’ll probably be happier too. Taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of your relationship. 

50. Don’t Stay In Your Relationship If You’re Not In It

You might think you’re being nice by staying with your girlfriend for whom you no longer have feelings. However, this isn’t a nice thing to do. All relationships have ups and downs. If you’re certain it’s not going to work, the best thing you can do is talk with her and end the relationship. You’ll only hurt her by dragging things out. Here are five ways to know if your relationship is over.


Hopefully, you’ve found some tips from this list that you can apply to your relationship to become the best boyfriend possible. The most important things to remember are to always be there for her, have her best interests at heart, and tbe honest at all times. Good for you for taking the initiative to research things that will help you be a good boyfriend!

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