55 Casual, Low-Pressure First Date Ideas

We’ve found the most success with keeping first dates casual. Some people try to overcomplicate things, but less is more when it comes to hanging out with someone for the first time. Your goal is to get to know your date and that’s hard to do when you’re at an uptight restaurant wondering who is going to cover the bill.

To keep pressure off the date, we recommend going somewhere casual. Let’s look at the best casual date tips and then jump into 55 of our best first date spots.

Tips For Planning a Casual First Date

Here is our expert advice for planning a low-key and successful first date.

Choose Something That Doesn’t Take a Ton of Time

You’ll know pretty quickly if you’re going to hit it off with your date. If it’s not going well, you don’t want to be stuck somewhere with them for hours. So, skip a long dinner and opt for something that doesn’t put you in the position to be stuck somewhere. Save the longer activities, like a dinner date, for the second date.

Meet In a Public Place

You don’t want to make your date feel uncomfortable by taking them somewhere private. For example, suggesting a hike in a remote area wouldn’t be a great idea. Instead, choose somewhere public and comfortable like a coffee shop.

Choose an Activity

Some of the best first date ideas are those centered around an activity. You can encourage a little friendly competition by doing something like bowling or playing pool.

These activities keep the date fun and take the pressure off of keeping the conversation going 100% of the time. You can work in some small talk while you’re doing the activity and be able to focus on what you’re doing in between.

Keep it Inexpensive

We’ve included cheap first date ideas in our list because it’s not necessary to spend a bunch of money when you go out. Not only does this put more pressure on the date, but it can also be awkward when the check comes, especially if one of you is on a budget.

You also don’t know if you’re going to see this person again. If you spend a bunch of money on every first date you go on, it can get expensive!

Tips For Planning a Casual First Date

List of Casual, Fun First Date Ideas

The ideas on this list feature fun and casual places to go on a date. They are inexpensive or even free, public, and low-pressure. These are great ideas for people from high school (besides the few 21+ ideas) through any age.

  1. Get a coffee
  2. Go to brunch
  3. Meet for lunch
  4. Thrift store shopping
  5. Visit an arcade
  6. Go for a walk at a local park
  7. Go to the bowling alley
  8. Take them on a picnic
  9. Play mini-golf
  10. Visit an art gallery
  11. Meet at a botanical garden
  12. Walk some shops at the mall
  13. Grab a happy hour drink
  14. Play some pool
  15. Visit a beach
  16. Try axe throwing
  17. Go to a trampoline park
  18. Paint night
  19. Visit a museum
  20. Go to a sporting event
  21. Visit a zoo
  22. Attend a trivia night
  23. Eat at a food truck
  24. Try an escape room
  25. Play board games
  26. Go to a wine tasting
  27. Visit an ice cream shop
  28. Take a trip to the animal shelter
  29. Enjoy some live music
  30. See a local improv or comedy show
  31. Go to a flea market
  32. Get an evening hot chocolate
  33. Visit an amusement park
  34. Go for a bike ride
  35. Complete a scavenger hunt
  36. Visit a local farmer’s market
  37. Browse in a record store
  38. Attend a poetry reading
  39. Go ice skating
  40. Take a cooking class
  41. Go to the driving range
  42. Skip the main course and go out for dessert at a restaurant
  43. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  44. Go to a book store or local library and compare your favorite books
  45. Go swimming at a public pool
  46. Visit a dog park with your pups
  47. Get pedicures together
  48. Play an outdoor sports game like tennis or basketball
  49. Take a brewery tour
  50. Visit a haunted house
  51. Attend a yoga or exercise class
  52. Paint pottery
  53. Walk through a craft fair
  54. Visit a flower farm
  55. Pick fruit at a you-pick farm
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Casual First Date FAQ

What should I do on a casual first date?

A casual first date could be anything from grabbing coffee to going for a walk in the park. The key is to keep it low-key and not put any pressure on the date. Choose dates that are low-pressure and short.

What if I can’t think of anything to do for a date?

If you can’t think of anything to do, ask your friends for ideas or look up lists of fun first-date ideas online.

How do I pick a first date location?

You should pick a location where you and your date can feel relaxed, have fun, and keep it casual. Choose something free or inexpensive to keep the pressure off. Focus on activities where you can chat and get to know each other.

What should you avoid in a first date location?

You should avoid going anywhere private, expensive, and where you will be stuck for a long period. Instead, opt for a casual spot where you can have a fun and quick date where you get to know each other.

What is appropriate for a first date?

The most important thing to keep in mind for a first date is to keep it casual. You don’t want to do anything that will make either of you feel uncomfortable or put pressure on the date. Choose an activity that you can both enjoy and focus on getting to know each other. It’s not appropriate to have expectations or put pressure on your date.


A first date should be casual and low-pressure, with no expectations. You should pick a location where you can feel relaxed and have fun. It’s important to keep in mind that a first date is all about getting to know the other person, so avoid any locations or activities that will put pressure on the date. Focus on having some fun and enjoying each other’s company!

Hopefully, this list helps you pick the perfect location for your first date! We have more first date tips and advice here that will help you score a second date.

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