10 Benefits of Taking a Break From Your Relationship

Are you thinking of asking your partner for a break from your relationship? Or maybe you’re freaked out because they asked you for a break? Although it can sound scary, taking a break can be pretty beneficial in the long run. There are actually a lot of good reasons for taking a break.

As long as the right steps are taken and relationship break rules are agreed upon, taking a break can help your relationship. Among other things, a break can save you from a premature breakup, it can also give you perspective, and time to work on yourself. We’ve put together a list of ten benefits of taking a break that you can use to determine if you think it would help your relationship.

10 Good Reasons to Take a Relationship Break

1. It Can Save You From a Breakup

Taking a relationship break is a great alternative to breaking up right away. It’s often seen as being just as bad for a relationship as breaking up, but there are a lot of differences between a break and breaking up. In the heat of the moment, it may seem best to end things. However, when you choose to take a break, it allows you to take a time out and evaluate things instead of calling it quits too soon. If you value your partner and your relationship, taking a break can help you save what you’ve built together instead of throwing it all away.

2. Allows You to Think With a Clear Mind

Sometimes when you’re in the thick of things, it’s hard to see clearly. If you find that you and your partner are constantly arguing or if things just don’t feel right, taking a break can give you some much-needed clarity. It gives you time to clear your head so that you can think about the situation and your relationship more objectively. Once you have a better understanding of what’s going on, you can then decide if getting back together is what’s best for both of you.

3. Gives You Perspective

When you’re in a relationship, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and lose sight of the bigger picture. If you’re feeling stuck, taking a break can give you some much-needed perspective. It allows you to step back and take a look at your relationship from the outside looking in.

This can help you see things that you may have missed while you were in the midst of it all. This means that you might see that your partner made a good point during your last argument. Or that you seem to always be their last priority. Whether the new perspective shows you good or bad things about your relationship, it can be helpful when moving forward.

4. Lets You Appreciate Your Partner More

When you’re together all the time, it’s easy to take your partner for granted. You stop noticing that they always make your morning coffee or how nice it is that they ask you about your day. You don’t appreciate how much they listen to you and make you feel special.

However, when you’re apart, the absence of these things can make them stand out. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Some time apart might help you remind yourself of how good you have it with your partner and all of the good things that they do for you and how they make you feel.

5. You Get Reacquainted With Yourself

In any relationship, you must maintain your own identity. When you’re so focused on your partner, it’s easy to forget about yourself. You might push your hobbies and interests aside to make room for your relationship.

While it’s great to make your partner a priority, you need to make sure you don’t lose yourself. Taking a break gives you time to focus on YOU and make sure that your needs are being met. You can use this time apart to get back into the things that made you happy when you were single.

6. Allows You to Reprioritize

In addition to forgetting about your hobbies and interests, you might also find that your relationship has taken you off course a bit. The goals you once had may have changed or gotten pushed aside.

Part of taking a break is taking some time to yourself to remember what you want out of life. This can help you get back on track and refocus your energy on achieving your goals. Once you are clear on which goals are most important to you, you can review how to incorporate them into your life and relationship. Renewing this sense of purpose can build your drive for life back up and can make you a better partner.

7. You Can Spend More Time With Friends and Family

If you have been spending most of your time with your partner, a break is a good opportunity to reconnect with the people who care about you. Hanging out with them without your partner is a good way to get their perspective on your relationship.

They might have some good advice that helps you make the best decision for you. They may also see some things, good or bad, that you don’t. Spending time outside of your relationship can allow you to strengthen your other connections and feel less dependent on your partner which is a good thing.

8. It Can Strengthen Your Relationship

Anything you go through as a couple can be an opportunity to make your relationship stronger. Taking a break is a way to work on yourself and evaluate your relationship. You can both take this opportunity to find things to work on for yourselves and some things your partner might need to work on.

When you communicate after the break, you can both bring new ideas and plans to the table. This will help you work together in building a stronger foundation that will help your relationship last.

9. Let’s You Cool Down

The break from your relationship may have been initiated due to a recent argument or string of fights that have you fired up. Use the break to cool down and get your emotions under control.

It’s really hard to work things out when you’re feeling upset and heated. You can use the time apart to level your head and gain composure. You’ll be able to work through your relationship issues much more effectively this way.

10. Gives You Space to Work On Yourself

If you know your relationship is suffering because of your own personal issues, taking a break can give you the time to work through those things. Whether you’re dealing with stress, anger, addiction, or bad habits, time alone can give you the space you need to work on yourself instead of your relationship.

This might be a great time to start focusing on your mental health and start seeing a counselor. Once you have yourself on the right track, it will be easier for you to revisit your relationship and be the best version of yourself.

10 Benefits of Taking a Break From Your Relationship infographic


Taking a break cannot solve all of your relationship problems. Sometimes, a break may even help you realize that your relationship just isn’t right for you. However, if the relationship is right, taking a break can help you realize that too.

A break can help you gain perspective, appreciate your partner, and have the space to work on improving yourself. So, if you or your partner are suggesting a break, just know that it can work out for the best and benefit your relationship in the future.

Benefits of Taking a Relationship Break FAQ

Can taking breaks in relationships be healthy?

Yes, taking a break from your relationship can be healthy. It can help you reset, reflect, and refocus on your relationship. You can return to your relationship as a better person who is more aware of issues and areas for improvement.

Do breaks lead to breakups?

Breaks can lead to breakups. However, this isn’t always the case. If you use the break as an opportunity to work on your relationship, it can actually make your relationship stronger.

What does it mean when they want a break from our relationship?

When your girlfriend or boyfriend wants to take a break, it means they need some time alone to assess the relationship. It could be a sign that they want to take things more slowly, they haven’t been happy, or they are going through personal struggles.

Is it better to break up or take a break?

There is no right answer. It depends on your individual situation. If you’re having minor issues and just need some space, taking a break can be beneficial.

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