15 Thoughtful First Date Gift Ideas for Her

What is the perfect gift to give a girl on a first date? Well, it depends on the girl and the situation. Complicated? Maybe a little.

There are a few guidelines that you’ll need to follow when giving a gift to a girl on a first date. You;ll need to determine what is appropriate and what is not. Picking something out can be a bit complex. Luckily, you have help! 

Read on to find out when a first date gift is appropriate and what types of gifts are a good choice for her when you are first going out. This list will help you find something that fits the occasion and doesn’t come off as cheesy or too much. You’ll impress your date with your thoughtfulness and hopefully score a second date. 

Should You Give a Girl a Gift on the First Date?

You’re planning out your first date and want everything to be perfect. You’ve chosen the perfect first date activity, but now you’re wondering if you should buy her a gift too. 

You might be relieved to find out that you do not have to buy a girl a gift for your first date. However, if you do want to bring her a small, thoughtful present, you can. In fact, giving a first date gift is a simple gesture that can help leave a lasting impression. 

giving a girl a gift on the first date

Are First Date Gifts Expected?

The great thing about gifts on the first date is that they are not expected. If you do choose to give her something, it will catch her off guard and will be a nice surprise. 

The expectations on first dates are low. You’re just there to get to know each other and have a nice time. Bringing her a gift is just a way to show that you’ve put a little extra thought into your first meeting.

When is a First Date Gift Appropriate?

If it’s the right type of gift, a gift can be appropriate on any first date. There are some guidelines that you will want to follow though. The type of gift and the connotations it has will make or break the gesture. 

What Types of Gifts Are Appropriate for a First Date?

So, what are the best gifts for first dates? I’m glad you asked. The best first date gifts should be small, thoughtful, and not too over-the-top. They should be something simple that doesn’t require a lot of money and doesn’t give off a cheesy vibe. 

In short, a first date gift should say “I put a little extra thought into our date”. You don’t want to make your date feel awkward or like they owe you something because you gave them an inappropriate gift. 

What First Date Gifts are Thoughtful?

You can’t go wrong with getting her something that shows you’ve been paying attention to what she likes and hasn’t tried before when talking before your date. Asking about her interests and sharing yours is a great way to find gift ideas. 

Maybe she’s never seen a movie that you think she’d love. Or maybe she’s never heard your favorite band play. These are both great gift opportunities that allow you to share interests and require some thought. 

You can’t go wrong with giving her one of her favorite things like flowers, candies, or other things you’ve found out before the date. 

What Kinds of Gifts Should You NOT Give Her on a First Date?

To simplify the process, let’s talk about what kind of gifts you don’t want to give a girl on your first date. There are a few simple rules that you can follow to ensure you get a good first gift. 

The gift shouldn’t be expensive. You don’t want to spend too much money on the present. Spending a lot of money can be a waste if things don’t work out. After all, it’s only your first date and you aren’t sure if there will be a second. Not to mention that it may make your date feel uncomfortable. 

The gift should say the right thing. The goal of the present is to let your date know that you like them, are interested in them, and that you’re thoughtful. Anything that says otherwise shouldn’t be given. For example, you wouldn’t give her a gym membership as it would give off the wrong meaning and would tell her that you think she should work out more.  

The gift shouldn’t make it look like you’re coming on too strong. You want to be thoughtful, but not weird or desparate. Like with an expensive gift, something that is too personal or over the top can make your date feel uncomfortable. For example, you wouldn’t want to give her a trip that you booked for the two of you around Christmas because that’s way, way, way too much for a first date. 

It can seem a little complicated to pick out a safe option that will make a good first impression. However, if you stick with the list below for ideas and inspiration, you’ll be able to choose a great first date gift. 

Best Gift Ideas to Give Her on Your First Date

This list of ideas will help you pick out the perfect first-date gift for her. They show thoughtfulness and are totally appropriate for a first date. Choose something from this list or use it for inspiration to help you choose the best present for the girl you’re dating. 

1. A Single Rose

A single flower or rose is a classic first date gift. It’s simple, classy, and thoughtful all at once. It lets her know that you put a little extra thought into the date, but it isn’t too much. Red roses are usually the first pick for a single-stemmed gift, but you can choose whatever you think she’d like. 

single rose first date gift

2. Her Favorite Flowers

If you’ve been chatting with her online or otherwise, you’ve probably had the opportunity to ask her questions before your date. This is the perfect way to find gift ideas for her. 

Before your date, you can ask her what her favorite things are, including what type of flowers she likes. Then, you can show up to your first meeting with a bouquet of her favorite flowers. 

This is a simple act that lets her know you’re interested in what she likes and that you took the time to get her something you knew would make her smile.  

3. Chocolates

Chocolates are another really safe gift option. If you show up to your date with a small box of chocolates, it’s really thoughtful, yet casual enough for a first date. If she told you her favorite candy bar or anything like that, you can grab whatever chocolate she likes or an assorted box. 

4. Stuffed Animal

Teddy bears and other small stuffed toys are another cute idea that you can’t really go wrong with. Especially if your date has told you that she loves a certain animal and you’re able to find a stuffed version of her favorite. 

Or you can pair your box of chocolates with a small, cute teddy bear for some extra points. She’ll have something that reminds her of you after the date. 

5. Movie Tickets

Okay, these next two ideas are best given at the end of the first date. You’ll want to make sure that it goes well before planning ahead for the next date. 

Once you know that you’ve had a great time and your date seems interested in you, you can go ahead and ask for a second date. If there is a movie out that you both want to go to, or that you’d like to take her to, you can give her the ticket at the end of the date as a gift and a next date activity. 

6. Game Tickets

Like with the movie tickets, you can purchase tickets to a game that one of your favorite teams is playing in (bonus points if it’s her favorite team) before the first date. If everything goes well and you seem to hit it off, you can ask her on a second date with the gift of the ticket and see if she wants to catch the game with you. 

She’ll be excited that you asked her out again and even more excited about your upcoming plans together.  

7. A Bottle of Wine

If she loves wine, a bottle is a nice gift that is appropriate for a first date. You can send her home with her favorite wine or one that you’ve had that you’d like her to try. Either way, it’s a nice gesture that shows you have paid attention to something she likes and that you made an effort. 

8. A Handmade Card

If you want to give her a handmade card, you’ll want to be careful about what goes in it. This can be a really cute idea, but it can go wrong if you write the wrong things. 

This idea is best if you keep it funny or cute. If you both love humor, you can go that route, or, if you feel romantic, you can write her something cute thanking her for going out on a date with you and letting her know you think she’s terrific. 

9. A Simple Piece of Jewelry 

A simple necklace or simple bracelet can be a really thoughtful gift. However, you can’t go over the top and get something that’s too expensive. 

This gift is great if you can stay under the $50 level and get something that reminds you of her. If you find something that matches her interests, like a sea turtle ring or a cute charm bracelet with books, you’ll get points for paying attention to what she likes. 

Remember not to go overboard though, it’s only a first date and things may not work out. You don’t want to be out a bunch of money or come on too strong. 

10. A Good Book

If she is a fellow book lover, you may have been discussing your favorite titles before your date. Maybe there’s something you’ve read that she hasn’t and you think she’d love it. Or maybe you’ve read an interesting book recently that you think she’d like. 

A book is a great idea for a gift as it shows thoughtfulness and it will give her a reason to follow up with you and let you know if she enjoyed reading it. 

book first date gift

11. A Mixed Tape

Okay, mixed tapes aren’t really a thing anymore. But, you get the idea. If you both love music and have discussed your favorite artists, you can put together a playlist of songs you think she would enjoy. 

Whether you put it on a tape, a CD, or send her a playlist, any of these options are really sweet. It’s a great way to share your interests and give her something to do after the date. She’ll probably follow up with you and let you know which songs she enjoys.  

12. A Board Game

If you have talked about your favorite board games and she hasn’t played one of your favorites, you can give her the game so she doesn’t miss out on all the fun. Plus, if she’s enjoyed your company, she’ll probably want to play it with you!

13. A Gift Card

Here’s another idea that can be really cute, but you need to make sure that you don’t go too far. If she’s mentioned her favorite lunch spot, coffee place, a place she’d like to try, or a place that she frequents, you can get her a small gift card to enjoy something that’s your treat. 

For example, you might give her a card with a gift certificate in it and say something like “since I can’t take you out to lunch tomorrow on your break, here’s lunch on me” and give her a gift card to a lunch spot near her work. 

14. A Movie

If you’ve been discussing favorite movies and she hasn’t seen yours, you can give her the movie to watch so she can see what it’s all about. This is a low-pressure gift that allows you to share your interests and will give you something to talk about in the future. 

15. Her Favorite Snacks

If you’ve been chatting before your date, chances are that you’ve discussed your favorite foods. When you know what some of her favorite treats or snacks are, you can put together a little gift bag that you can give her at the end of your date. 

She can enjoy what you’ve put together when she gets home. This is a really thoughtful gift that shows you’ve paid attention to what she likes and that you were nice enough to go find her favorite things. 

first date snack bag gift

Giving Her a First Date Gift 

Buying a first date gift for a girl can be a little tricky. It can go wrong if you don’t follow these simple guidelines. However, as you can see, there are a lot of gift ideas that you can’t go wrong with. 

Even though first date gifts aren’t required or expected, it can be nice to go the extra mile for someone you really like. So, if you’re wanting to put in a little extra effort, hopefully this list helps you pick the perfect gift for the girl you’re going to see. 

Check out these other first date tips to make sure the rest of your date is as perfect as your gift is!

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