50 Fun Bet Ideas and Consequences for Couples

Betting on things as a couple is really fun! You can turn almost anything into a bet and add a little excitement to your relationship. It definitely makes things more interesting when you put a friendly wager on them.

If you’re looking for things to make a bet on or some flirty consequences for a lost bet, you’ve come to the right place! This article has 50 examples of bet ideas and fun consequences for couples that will make you want to place a bet today. 

Making Bets With Your Partner

Making a bet with your partner is a great way to spend quality time together. It can be a fun way to try new things together as you and your partner think of new ways to compete and bet against each other. 

How Does a Couple’s Bet Work?

So, how does a couple’s bet work? Well, you simply bet your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife that something will or won’t happen. Before the bet takes place, you both have to agree on a consequence. 

For example, you might bet that the Dodgers score 3 runs in their next game. Your partner thinks they’ll score 5. Whoever is closest to the actual score wins. Since you’re making the rules, you could say that if no one guesses the exact number, no one wins. 

Just to recap, here are the three steps to make a friendly bet:

  1. Find something you want to bet on
  2. Declare the rules of the bet
  3. Agree on a consequence for the loser

What Are Flirty Bets?

Flirty bets are regular bets that have something romantic or sexy added to them. The thing you’re betting on may be the flirty part. Or the consequence might be what makes it flirty. 

For example, you could bet your partner that you can run a faster mile than them. The consequence is that the loser of the bet has to give the winner a 30 minute full-body massage. 

Making romantic wagers with your partner is a fun way to spice things up in your relationship. Not only will you have fun, but you’ll also create memorable moments together. 

What Are Funny Bets?

Bets that are funny are also great for couples. If you both have a sense of humor, you’ll love making hilarious bets together. Funny bets are either funny because of the bet itself or the consequence for whoever doesn’t win. 

For example, you might bet that you can fit more marshmallows into your mouth than your partner can. The winner of the bet gets to pick out what the other wears out that night. Of course, the loser could end up wearing something silly as a joke by the winner. 

Fun wagers are a great idea for making normal things fun. It’s a great way to break up the monotony of a difficult task or big goals. You can use wagers to motivate each other or just as a simple, fun activity. 

What Are Good Things to Bet On With Your Partner?

The beauty of bets is that you can make them about most anything. Once you start, you and your partner might want to bet on any and everything! Below is a list of types of things you can bet on. 

However, you aren’t limited to only these things. Part of the fun is coming up with things to bet on together. 

Types of Things You Can Bet On

  • Winners and scores of sporting events
  • The winner of physical challenges
  • Guessing the outcome of things
  • Predicting things people will do
  • Doing things faster than the other person
  • Doing things for a longer time than the other person
  • Picking the correct winners of reality shows
  • Who will win at a board, card, or video game
  • Who can win at a sport
  • Which person can be the best at an activity
  • Guessing the number of items in something
  • Guess closest to the price of something
  • Who can stick with something the longest
  • Flip a coin and see who can guess how it will land

What Are Some Good Bet Punishments for Couples?

Bet punishments, or consequences, are things that a loser has to do if they don’t win the bet. These punishments are agreed on when the bet is placed. 

When you’re making a wager as a couple, you can make your bet consequences flirty, fun, practical, or silly. It’s really up to you!

You can have the loser give the winner a long foot rub, plan a date night, be in charge of chores, or whatever it is that the winner will find joy in. The key is to motivate each other to want to win so that the bet is more fun. 

It’s important to make the rules clear up front so that there isn’t any confusion later on. Here are some 

Examples of Couple’s Wagers

This image shows some examples of bets couples can make along with consequences so you can get the idea of what some simple wagers would look like.

bet examples for couples

Fun Bet Ideas for Couples 

  1. Choose the winner of a sports game
  2. See who can get the most responses on an online dating site fake profile
  3. Guess the final score of a football game
  4. Challenge each other to see who can cook the best dish
  5. Make a prediction about things a family member will do at the next family gathering
  6. Predict how many times someone will say something
  7. Guess the winner of a game show
  8. Bet on a horse race
  9. See who can hold their breath the longest
  10. Have a staring contest, the first person to blink first loses
  11. Bet on who can fit the most marshmallows in their mouth
  12. See who can guess the time a friend  will arrive
  13. Who can guess the amount of jelly beans in a bag
  14. Bet on who can run a mile the fastest
  15. Guess the ages of celebrities
  16. See who wins a dart game
  17. Bet on a game of pool
  18. See who can predict the ending of a movie
  19. Bet on who can hula hoop the longest
  20. Challenge each other to a board game
  21. See who can not laugh the longest while telling each other jokes
  22. Play a video game against each other and see who wins
  23. See who can plan the most romantic date 
  24. Bet on who can drink the most of something
  25. See who can eat the most of something

Fun and Flirty Bet Consequences for Couples

Here are some good bet consequences to wager on. You can be fun, flirty, or practical in choosing the consequences for your bet. Use the consequences to inspire a little friendly competition between you and your partner. 

  1. Loser has to do all of the household chores for the entire week
  2. Winner gets to choose something funny for the loser to wear for the entire day
  3. Loser has to plan a special mystery date for the winner
  4. Winner gets to post an embarrassing story about the loser on social media
  5. Winner gets to choose a bedroom activity for the loser to perform
  6. Loser forks over a predetermined amount of money
  7. Winner gets to make three wishes
  8. Loser gives the winner a thirty minute foot massage
  9. Winner gets an hour-long back massage
  10. Loser has to perform a running man routine in public
  11. Loser has to tell different embarrassing stories to three strangers
  12. Loser has to send a sexy photo
  13. Winner gets to choose where to go to dinner
  14. Loser has to make dinner that night
  15. Loser has to eat or drink something the winner chooses
  16. Loser has to make the winner coffee each morning for a week
  17. Winner gets a pass on their regular chores
  18. Winner gets to buy a new outfit courtesy of the loser
  19. Loser has to buy the winner a gift
  20. Winner gets the last of something (ex. last piece of cake)
  21. Winner gets to pick a movie to watch on your next date night
  22. Loser has to wash the winner’s car in a bikini/speedo
  23. Winner gets to throw out something of the loser’s that they hate
  24. Winner gets out of an activity or function
  25. Winner gets to pick the loser’s outfit for the day


The best part about making bets as a couple is spending time together. You’ll have fun coming up with things to bet on and thinking up consequences for the loser of the challenge. 

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed these fun and flirty bet ideas that you can make as a couple. You can use these lists to decide what to bet on or as inspiration for your own bet ideas. Remember that the goal is to have fun with each other.

Happy betting!

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